Being a beach bride is no easy task. Sure, you’ll have the best photos and the sun and the sea as witnesses to your nuptials, but for the bride (and her makeup artist,) it’s one helluva tough job. Apart from handling your lehenga in the sand, wishing you could wear sunnies to your own wedding and keeping your hair off your face, here are a few things all you beach brides need to take note of before your big day…

6 things every beach bride needs to know hair do 430x550

Hair and the humidity
Since your wedding isn’t happening indoors, obviously, the humidity that the beach brings along with it will play a big role in deciding how you wear it. Most beach brides prefer to keep their hair looking natural and opt for light waves or a wispy chignon. If you’re planning to tie your hair back, a chignon is a great option as compared to the fully pulled back high bun, which is classic but yet not too suited for a sandy wedding.

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Play with hair accessories
We do suggest keeping your hair as natural as possible for your beach wedding and using accessories to dress it up. Indian brides can opt for a single, statement maang tikka or even use natural flowers in their hair. White brides, since you won’t be going OTT with your jewellery as the traditional bride would, you can always over-accessorise with floral crowns, contrasting flowers and even contrasting or whimsical jewellery if you wish to add a twist to your outfit.

6 things every beach bride needs to know makeup 430x550

Replace the pinks with the corals
Since you’re away from the glare of artificial lights, the sun will play a big role when it comes to your beach wedding. At times like these, ask your makeup artist to choose coral shades for your blush instead of opting for the pinks and roses and apply them on your cheekbones (where the sun would hit your face) instead of the apples of your cheeks so that it appears like you have a natural flush in natural light.

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Save the gloss for later
The common mistake most beach brides make it to pile on the gloss right from the beginning. While we are going for the au naturel look that ties in with your wedding set-up, you’ll soon realise that the wind blowing some strands of hair on your face and onto your sticky, glossy lips is something you absolutely didn’t envision. So keep your lips matte (or apply very little gloss) through the first half and be generous with it only when you’re finally posing for photos.

6 things every beach bride needs to know waterproof eye makeup 430x550

Waterproof eye makeup is the way to go
As we have mentioned for all weddings yet, don’t use anything but waterproof makeup for your eyes – one never knows when the waterworks will come on. When it comes to eyeliner, since old-school colours like black and brown can appear too stark for a natural set-up, brides are now experimenting with shades of navy, charcoal and even olive. The other thing to remember – if you’re wearing contact lenses to a beach wedding, keep some eye drops handy to tackle dry eyes.

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Salty air and your skin
From what we’ve heard from all beach brides, turns out the sea’s salty air will suck the moisture out of your skin within the first few hours. So notify your dermatologist or skincare technician and ask them for ways in which you can keep your skin hydrated. Beach brides with dry skin need to double the amount of moisturiser they use before they apply makeup, whereas brides with oily skin need to have a compact and some blotting paper handy.