Most brides spend all their time planning the before and after of the wedding, so much so that they actually forget all the things they need to shift their attention to on their wedding day. In order to make things a tad easier, here is the BB guide to what every bride should carry in her handbag on her wedding day…

6 things bride should carry in bag q tips 430x550

Q tips
If there’s going to be a few tears, there have got to be a few Q-tips. It might be the most stubborn mascara in the world but thanks to Murphy, on your wedding day when you think you’re shedding just one tear, you might actually be ruining some of your liner or mascara as well. When you get the time, find a mirror and Q-tip your face back to perfection.

6 things bride should carry in bag face wipes 430x550

Face wipes or blotting paper
Whether you’re sitting by the havan or standing in the glare of way too many lights, you’re going to be needing face wipes by the end of two hours. Just ensure that when you’re using them you simply dab them on your face instead of wiping away at your skin in order to not make a mess of your makeup.

6 things bride should carry in bag lipsticks 430x550

Lip stick or lip balm
If you carry it with you at all other times, why not carry it to your wedding. You’re going to be greeting too many people, smiling too much and basically, going to be in dire need of a lipstick touch-up every one hour. Keep the same shade of lipstick or a lip gloss in a similar shade handy and don’t be afraid to take a few minutes off to do a quick touch-up.

6 things bride should carry in bag band aid 430x550

Band aid
You’re probably wearing new shoes and with so much time spent on your feet, your shoes are bound to bite. Be self-reliant and stock a band aid. Who knows, maybe your fiancé could be in need of one too.

6 things bride should carry in bag safety pins 430x550

Safety pins
We’ve heard about way too many wardrobe malfunctions on the wedding day that has automatically put safety pins on our list of top must-haves for all brides. Carry a few (including the variety you use to pin up your saree) in your purse at all times, just in case you or someone else needs them.

6 things bride should carry in bag protein bars dry fruits 430x550

Protein bar or dry fruits
You’re going to need all the energy you can get to be standing on those feet all day long. And till you can finally make your way to the buffet (or a friend can smuggle you some food) you’re going to have to rely on a protein bar. You can even keep some dry fruits handy to munch on when you get hungry eg: When you’re getting your hair done between ceremonies.