Super Stunning Eyeliners To Glam Up Your Diwali Look

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 20, 2016
The festival of lights, Diwali is here! For most of us girls, this means a whole lot of shopping. We often spend ample amount of time zeroing down on our outfits but end up taking the makeup bit for granted. While you’re taking your time deciding your ensemble, why not get your hands on some fancy liners too that will instantly add drama to your look? Want to know which ones you can opt for? Take a look.

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist (Black)

Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

Bored of the same ol’ black liner? Embrace a shiny, glossy and deep, dark black liner in the form of the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist. This one allows you to achieve that high definition shine that your eyes need for the festive look as well lends you the deepest black stroke on your eyes. It also comes with a felt-tip so application becomes easy. So go ahead, get a hint of glossy on the eyes with this power liner and be a head turner this Diwali.


Lakmé Absolute Shine (Olive)

Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

Want a lustrous green on your eyes that’ll instantly add to your Diwali look? Opt for the Lakmé Absolute Shine Eye Liner in Olive. The perfect shade of shimmery olive that’ll work wonders on the Indian skin tone, this liner lends you that glossy and long-lasting finish—just what you need for the festive look. So if you’re wearing a pale-coloured or even an outfit in shades of gold, add some colour by way of this olive liner to your look!


Lakmé Absolute Gel Addict Liner (Grey ash)

Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

What’s Diwali without some sexy grey shimmer on the eyes? If this is what you’ve been looking for, go for the Lakmé Absolute Gel Addict Liner in Grey Ash. A vibrant gel eyeliner that’s sure to take your eye makeup to another level, this shade gives you a grey glossy finish. Oh and did we say it’s also waterproof! This means once you wear this gorgeous grey on your eyes, it’ll stay right there as you go about celebrating this special day.


Lakmé Eyeconic (Blue)

Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

When it comes to a matte liner, we’ve always relied on the Lakmé Eyeconic range. But if you’re looking for a deep blue that’ll elevate your Diwali look, go for the Lakmé Eyeconic in Blue right away! Perfect if you want to attempt smokey eyes, this shade looks absolutely stunning on the eyes, especially on a grand occasion. Moreover, this one’s smudge proof and long-lasting!


Lakmé Eyeconic (Brown)

Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

Who says brown is boring? Opt for the Lakmé Eyeconic in Brown and see how it transforms your look! A completely matte, yummy shade of brown, this eye pencil works wonders as a liner as well as kajal. So if you’ve been bored of black liner but don’t want to go out of your comfort zone either, we say brown is the new black!


Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon (Purple)

Are you bold enough to add a purple touch to your eyes? Make way for the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon in Purple. This one glides on beautifully and is sure to lend you an intense colour pay off—something that’s crucial when you are readying up for an occasion as big as Diwali. Although this one’s usually used as an eyeshadow, carefully applying it in a thin stroke will lend you that stunning purple liner. The purple isn’t too loud, yet not too subtle—it’s just the kind of shiny purple you’d want for the eyes.

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