Too many great designers, little or no time between shows, a much-too-heavy bag and a phone that’s already out of battery – that’s a fair estimate of a few of the many challenges the Lakmé Fashion Week can throw at you. Yes, we’re dead serious! Putting our collective rookie mistakes to good use, here’s a quick BB guide to surviving fashion week.

bb guide to surviving fashion week bag 430x550

Mind your bag
Keep a close watch on the size of your bag and exercise expert precision in what you carry inside it. Make it big enough to fit your credit cards and some loose cash, a cell phone, basic makeup and a pouch of face wipes, but small and light enough to carry around all day without leaving you with a sore shoulder or occupying the same size of a baby’s butt on the already limited seating space.

bb guide to surviving fashion week smartphone battery 430x550

An SOS battery pack
If you’re going to be Twitpic-ing, Instagram-ing and Facebook-ing all of your real time LFW updates, we promise you, your cell phone battery is going to run out of juice sooner than you like. Take it from those who’ve spent way too much time standing by a plug point – A rechargeable battery pack is one of the wisest investments you can make for these five days (and beyond.)

bb guide to surviving fashion week wearing flats 430x550

Calling all statement flats…
Unless you’ve been practicing walking in heels since the last fashion week, spend your moolah on statement flats that are super functional yet score high on the fab meter. Primary reasons – there’s hardly any place to sit down and take a breather and obviously, there’s a lot of standing and walking around to be done. If you’ve got another whole day of shows ahead of you, waking up with what seems to be your calves rebelling isn’t the best feeling.

bb guide to surviving fashion week snacks 430x550

Snacking on the run
When you’re on fashion week time, you’ll find it ridiculously easy to switch meals by the fashion week clock. And with just an hour between shows, we don’t really blame you either. The one thing we can advise you about though is eating a hearty breakfast before you get to the venue and keeping a bunch of protein bars handy to snack on when you’re on the go.

bb guide to surviving fashion week keep water bottle 430x550

Hydrate with H2O
Two words – stay hydrated. If Jennifer Aniston can walk around Hollywood holding a bottle of water (yes, yes, we know she got paid to do it), so can you. The last thing you want is to start your morning with a pounding headache and a day long nap ahead of you. Of course, if you do decide to battle it out and find your way to the shows, all those bright, flashing lights won’t be too kind. (Throw in a strip of Crocin or Saridon just in case.)

bb guide to surviving fashion week makeup touch ups 430x550

Touch-ups to go
Men have the 5 PM stubble; we have the 5 PM touch-up. Knowing that, decide which way you want to go – the bare minimum so that all you’re in need of is kohl and a gloss or play the whole shebang in which case you’ll need to keep your compact, blush and lipstick on standby, especially if your long- wear makeup doesn’t live up to its promise.

bb guide to surviving fashion week manners 430x550

Mind your manners
If there’s one thing that you will definitely need to survive fashion week, it’s your manners. Just a few commandments you should take note of – queue up to get into shows, walk with your feet placed firmly on the floor instead of someone else’s toes, don’t sit on other people’s seats, know your lingo and turn off that flash. Of course, these are just a few, you’ll learn the rest when you’re there. We’ve got to let you experience a few things on your own, right?