If you’re not going bonkers with the prep and haven’t got a case of cold feet just yet, we salute you! Amidst all the marriage madness here are the five things you need to keep at the back of your head in the weeks leading up to your wedding…

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Don’t become overcautious and mess with your skincare routine
Clearly, your skin has transitioned a lot over the last six months so it’s natural for you to want to amp up your skincare routine and take “extra” care and apply “extra” skin tonics and cleansers and scrubs to ensure that your skin looks its best, right? Stop! That’s the one mistake almost every bride makes. Remember that by now your skin is used to certain products and a time-table, so don’t confuse it with more products. The last thing you want is to be dealing with a last minute skin rashes or a reaction you least anticipated. And yes, as an added bonus, keep your dermat on speed dial.

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Become BFFs with your makeup artist
Make your makeup artist and hairstylist your best friend. Consult them often and share with them images of looks/makeup/hair you’d want to experiment with for your wedding. Meet them in person so that they can see for themselves what’s going on with your skin and whether the look you’ll finalised still works best. The most important thing – ask them for a trial with all your outfits for both, hair and makeup and ensure that your sister, mum, and close friends are there in person to give you honest feedback. You don’t want to be dealing with last minute surprises on the day of your wedding.

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Get a trim only if you must
One of the bigger mysteries of wedding prep is why most brides feel the need to go for a hair trim just a few weeks before their wedding day. Unless you’re planning to leave your hair for a couple of functions, this is absolutely unnecessary. Keep the length and thickness of your hair the same as it was when you first met your stylist and decided on a hairdo. If you must go for a trim, please inform them about the same. Instead, if you think your hair needs extra attention, pamper it at a hair spa with a hot oil massage. It’ll nourish your scalp and hair as well as de-stress you.

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Find some quiet among the chaos
We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. While getting enough rest might seem like a gargantuan task so close to your big day, treat it as a goal and indulge in some R&R. A little snippet of information we read states that women are more affected by the lack of sleep than men. For the duration of the month, the focus is on you, so make the most of it and get your eight hours of beauty sleep. In addition, try to do some basic pranayams and meditation in the morning to help prep for the busy day ahead. We also suggest squeezing in a full body massage or a few hours at the spa whenever you get the time.

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Watch the exhaustion and boost your immunity
You’ve got a calendar and reminder for everything and you’ve got aunts and sisters and friends helping you out with whatever you need, but the one thing only you can help yourself with is your body. With all the stress that you’re inflicting on it, it might just revolt in the form of a common cold that lasts for a whole week or a stomach upset or just plain weakness that has you lying on the bed for two days straight. Obviously no bride-to-be can afford this, so ensure that apart from eating well you’re also loading up on all the extra vitamins and nutritional supplements you need that’ll strengthen your immune system and see you through a non-stop week of way too much fun (and exhaustion.)