Diwali is finally here; excited much? I sure am, but I amidst all the preparations, familt get-togethers and card parties, I also need to look like a million bucks. Which made me hit my dresser and craft a Diwali look that’s easy and works well for any of the festivities. It won’t take you too much time and involves just 5 easy steps.

  1. Prep your skin

Prepping is key to a flawless makeup base, says everybody, right? And it couldn't be more true. Apply moisturiser and top it up with a primer. Add a  bit of concealer on your eyelids to act as a base for eyeshadow application. As a rule, it’s better to do your eyes first so you can deal with eyeshadow fallout before you work on your base. With that, you’re skin is prepped.

  1. Dress The Eyes

Before you apply eyeshadow, dust some loose powder on your eyelids to avoid creasing. This look is easy, quick and completely fuss-free. Use a light brown colour as a transition colour on the crease area. After that, apply a coral shade on the crease. This creates a transition effect that looks beautiful on the eyes. For the lids, mix two pink shades from the Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette -  French Rose. Repeat the same on the other eye.

For the eyeliner, draw a sharp thick wing. And now comes the glamorous part of this look - the glitter eyeliner. Just trace the Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner - Liquid Gold along the winged eyeliner to jazz up this look.

  1. Ace The Base

Wipe off any eyeshadow fallout using a cotton pad soaked in some makeup remover.

Time for the foundation! Dab the foundation on the centre of your forehead, under your eyes, and on your nose and chin.

Using a makeup sponge, quickly tap the sponge over the dots and blend the foundation towards your hairline and jaw to diffuse the colour. Keep tapping under your chin and jaw to seamlessly blend the edges. A damp sponge will give you a more subtle and natural finish. Once that’s done, apply concealer on areas that require excess coverage.

Complete the lower bit of your eyes after the base makeup is on for a clean look. Use a light brown colour on the contours of the lower eyelids. Follow it up by applying a generous coat of mascara for voluminous lashes.

  1. Get your flush on!

Apply some blusher on the face. Use a light hand for a subtle effect. For this look, you can completely skipped contouring. Instead use a bronzer-highlighter duo on the hollows of the face followed by a little bit of the highlighter on the high points (what is life without some shine, right?).

  1. Pucker That Pout

We have officially come to the most exciting and my favourite bit of this look - the lipstick. For this look, you can try two different lip options. One nude and one bright. Now I’m a soft-lip-colour-kinda girl (Hola, all my nude lip-loving sisters out there!), but I know a lot of you’ll prefer a brighter lip. For the nude lip, opt for the Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse - Blush Velvet. It's a soft toned mauve lipstick, which will keep this look subtle.

For the bright lip option, use the Lakme Matte Melt Liquid Lipstick - Red Smoke. Apply it evenly along the lips. And you’re done!

With that, the look is complete. Do try this look out and let me know how it worked for you. Happy Diwali, ladies!