When the end of the year rolls around, our calendars automatically begin to get a lot more attention from us. But, then there are those unpredictable little soirées, the last minute office party and that dinner invite you absolutely forgot about. And of course, there’s New Year’s Eve! At times like these (assuming you’re dressed decently well,) here are the only 3 things you need to have with you to get you ready…

last minute mascara 430x550

Nothing makes your face light up like good ole mascara. It’s a trick our mums have used and with so many testimonials in agreement, we can only carry the torch forward. Always keep some mascara handy and whether you’re rushing to your New Year’s Eve party or need a quick touch-up, trust us, it’ll be your best bet.

last minute lip balm 430x550

Lip Balm
Most women tend to keep their lipsticks handy, but contrary to popular belief, experts say that you should carry some lip balm instead. Applying lip balm over your lipstick as soon as you apply it secures it in place for longer delaying your need for a touch-up. And if and when you do need one, dab on some waxy (not oily) lip balm instead to rejuvenate the colour and add some gloss.

(Bonus: If it’s tinted enough you can even use it as a cheek tint.)

last minute eye liner 430x550

Eye liner
It might seem like we’re a little more partial to the eye area but what can one do, nothing dolls up a face like dressed up eyes. One of our go-to essentials for a party is the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon, which doubles up as both, a liner as well as a shadow. Our favourites are the aquamarine and white, both of which add just the right amount of sparkle when we’re heading out.