With so many informative articles floating across the web, obviously you already know everything about V-Day – what to wear, how high your heels should be, where you should go and what you should do because, whether we like it or not, these lists and done and dusted. That’s why we’re going straight to the point and telling you about the 3 staples you need to carry in your purse at all times on this day of love…

lakme complexion care cream 430x550

Lakmé CC cream
Without a doubt a V-Day must have, the CC (Complexion Care) Cream is your go-to for any foundation and primer mishaps. Its liquid texture ensures that it’s absorbed by the skin and gives you max coverage without the fear of those ghastly flakes or that awkward powdery effect when it comes to photos. Of course, as an added bonus, no matter what your look, be it day or night, easy breezy or bold, you can always count on the CC cream to make it work.

lakme absolute gloss addict in red delight 430x550

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Red Delight
If it’s V-Day it must be red, of course. We’ve already outline our obsession for rouge many times, and this one’s just another excuse to wear our love on our lippers. Our obvious choice? The Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Red Delight, of course! It’s got the hi-shine of a gloss with the application and long-stay colour of a lipstick. To be honest, with a colour this good, you really don’t need a special day to wear this.

your signature scent 600x400

Your signature scent
We cannot emphasise how underestimated the power of scent truly is! Girls, listen to us when we tell you, the only thing better than a woman who looks good and can hold an intelligent conversation is a woman who does both those things while smelling absolutely divine. Let your favourite scent find its way into your purse and spray some on just before you’re meeting your boyfriend/girlfriends because apart from your carefree laugh, that’s the only other thing that’ll linger on the longest.