With the festive season just around the corner, the time to get groomed and ready is here and now. While that is great news for makeup junkies who get the chance to go wild with their vanity kits, it doesn’t hold the same amount of joy for the girl who's too lazy for makeup. If you’re one of them and are afraid that the festive season does not bode well because of this, we promise that’s about to change. We’re giving you a list of makeup tips this festive season that are simple and stress-free.

Eyebrow grooming

While it may not seem so, the eyebrows can make a world of a difference to your face. Start by finding the right eyebrow fit for your face whether it be tapered, full or oval (read our full guide to tweezing your own brows here.) Once you’ve narrowed it down, specify to a salon professional exactly what you’re going for or get to work with a pair of tweezers and right before your very eyes, you’ll see how the way your groomed eyebrows defines your entire face.

High coverage foundation

When it comes to trusting a beauty product, there’s no one more reliable than high coverage foundation. It’s important to pick the right one as a foundation that provides high coverage to your face acts as a base, serves as a concealer to your imperfections and doesn’t require any additional product for coverage.
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Lip stain

One that any lazy girl will be pleased to own, a lip stain does the job of two products. If you’re asking yourself how to apply this makeup product, it all lies in blending with your fingertips, the warmth of which will help apply. Not only does it give your lips a tinge of colour but it can give your cheeks a natural pinch of colour too! With the benefit of two with the product of one, this one’s a surefire winner.

White eyeliner

Don’t let the eyeliner label deceive you because it has so many hidden qualities besides just lining your eyes. A light rim of white eyeliner on your waterline opens up the eyes and gives them the appearance of being more awake. Besides that, a line of white eyeliner that is well blended in along the bridge of your nose and near your browbone highlights the face effortlessly.


Blowdrys have been present since time immemorial and the marvels it makes of your hair are always amazing. A good blow dry can get rid of frizz and give your hair a sleek appearance. If you’re further styling your hair, a blow dry gives your hair the base it needs and even if not, a mane of blowdried hair is a wonder in itself.