These Are The Hottest Makeup Trends For Winter Brides, According To Experts

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
These are the hottest makeup trends for winter brides, according to experts

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You’re tying the knot soon, bride-to-be, and we’d like to tie your look together with accents of glitter on the lips, psychedelic pops of colour on the lids, and understated dashes of blush on the cheeks. As we teeter toward the year-end, we usher in a highly-anticipated season characterised by statement-making lehengas, gold-studded neck-pieces, and elaborate accessories ornamenting your intricately-styled up-dos. But there’s no denying that makeup is at the base of your entire look. And investing your time in assembling a theme - at the very least - for your look is non-negotiable. We’ve roped in popular bridal MUAs to put together a carousel of looks — complemented with exclusive tips — that are going to claim centre-stage this winter.


01. Pop of gloss

05. Classic undertones of red

Image Courtesy: @makeupbyrevaa

Nothing can rival glitter-studded lips. They’re almost ubiquitous — from complementing the highly-coveted no-makeup makeup look to accentuating dramatic sweeps of eyeshadow across the lids, gloss is unbelievably versatile and rewards your lips with a puckered pout. MUA Reva is a passionate advocate for the look. “Lip gloss lends a natural look to your face as opposed to matte-textured lipsticks. And they make your lips look fuller.” MUA Mausam Gandhi adds, “Nude lips with gloss is statement-making. Pair it with a sleek up-do to add to the ‘oomph’ factor of your overall look.”

Expert tip: According to Reva, you must adhere to a well-defined skincare routine three months prior to the wedding, and it doesn’t have to be an extensive regimen. “Just effective,” she reiterates. It’s crucial to bear in mind that makeup conceals marks, not bumps or textures. Mausam suggests roping in a dermatologist three months before the wedding. “They can help your skin look flawless,” she says.


02. Colourful flicks on the lids

05. Classic undertones of red

Image Courtesy: @makeupbyrevaa

We’ll never tire of a streak of black on the lids, but we must deviate from the familiar every now and then, and what better occasion to bring that adventurous streak to the fore than your wedding? “It makes me so happy that brides are willing to experiment with their looks these days!” says Mausam. She suggests fashioning your look with a deliciously-hued pink-coloured eyeliner on the haldi or mehndi occasions. “Aqua, lilac, and gold are other great options that are in trend.”

Coloured eyeliner is Reva’s signature. “I'm seeing a lot of brides experiment with colour on their eyes. It's out there, but very understated. It draws just the right amount of attention to your eyes without overpowering your look. If the bride is not very experimental, I’d do a dual-coloured liner, like a cobalt blue liner blending into a black wing,” shares Reva.
Expert tip: As a general rule of thumb, experts suggest having a conversation with your MUA with regards to your look, and their corresponding vision for you. Let them know what you like (or dislike) about makeup. You don’t want any shockers on D-day.



03. Glitter-studded eyes

05. Classic undertones of red

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“Whether in the form of eyeliners, eyeshadow, or even as bling above the brows, shimmer adds more definition to the face, especially the brows,” says MUA Madhuri Sonie. And we concur. Glitter is an unparalleled classic that illuminates your face instantly. Mausam suggests brushing your lids with a layer of nude or pastel sparkle, “It’s a worldwide favourite at the moment!”

Reva reminisces about the kohl-rimmed, heavy-lashed, smokey-eyed bride of the past, “Now, it’s more about fluttery lashes and a clean lower lash-line dramatised by a little bit of shimmer. It's more about a fresh-faced glowing base.”

Expert tip: Madhuri emphasises the importance of exfoliating your lips before you start layering your face with makeup, “It makes a world of a difference to exfoliate and moisturise your lips pre-makeup,” she says. She advises to-be brides to carry around a tiny pouch containing indispensables like lipstick, blotting paper, and finishing paper for touch-ups.


04. Blush-stained cheeks

05. Classic undertones of red

Image Courtesy: @makeupbymausam

Even though blush has always been an accompaniment to varying trends, it’s not just an accessory (or ‘side-character’) anymore. It’s headlining major makeup moments - and how. Reva explains that the 2010s were centred around contour and highlight. Now, we’re leaning more towards rosy cheeks. Apart from styling your look with lovestruck cheeks, Mausam is all for blush migrating to the nose “to play into the illusion of being sun-kissed.” You must use a liquid-based or cream-based blush for the look to work.

Expert tip: Mausam recommends not waxing your face right before your wedding, regardless of whether you’ve done it before or not. You don’t want to trigger unwarranted reactions on the skin.


05. Classic undertones of red

05. Classic undertones of red

Image Courtesy: @makeupby_aakriti

Red is a bridal trademark, isn’t it? MUA Aakriti Gandhi is all for fashioning her brides’ looks with undertones of red, and rightfully so. Red has reserved a place for itself in the Indian bridal palette regardless of what’s trending. We’re obsessing over this look by Aakriti. Notice how she’s paired a blood-red lip with a stroke of smudged eyeliner along the bride’s lower waterline, a daub of highlighter on the cheeks, and a glitter-laden smokey eye on the lids — so nuanced! If this doesn’t inspire you to pepper your face with a dash of red, we don’t know what will.

Expert tip: Aakriti swears by three pre-wedding tips: moisturising your skin, drinking 4 litres of water every day, and incorporating green vegetables into your diet.

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