5 Pretty Makeup Looks That Will Amp Up Your Wfh Glam

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
 5 pretty makeup looks that will amp up your WFH glam

It has been over a year since we started working from home and tbh, we can’t fathom how we managed to put on a cute outfit, do our hair, put on a full face of makeup and walk out of the door, all before 9 am… crazy, right? Social distancing has definitely made us embrace our natural skin texture to a certain extent, and we no longer feel the need to do the whole shebang to look presentable — a BB cream and nude lipstick will do the trick.

However, if you’re a makeup enthusiast, we’re pretty sure you’re bored of seeing yourself in the same nude lipstick and winged eyeliner on those never-ending Zoom calls. But fret not; we’re going to help you break out of your makeup rut. It is indeed possible to spice up your makeup game while working from home, and we have a few pretty looks to help you out with it…


01. Dewy pink

Subtle and simple

Image courtesy: @gross_valenssa

It does not take a lot of work to add some colour to a super dewy makeup look; just make sure it is pigmented and has a shimmery finish. A baby pink lip paired with a rich, bubblegum pink shadow is the perfect combination for makeup lovers. Top it with some highlighter on the cheekbones and in the inner corner of the eyes to make it pop.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette - Berry Martini


02. Nice and nude

Subtle and simple

Image courtesy: @nikki_makeup

Whoever said that you cannot create a whole makeup look with just nudes needs to take a good look at this picture! If you wanna keep your makeup subtle yet add chic details to it, sweep on a nude, matte shadow on the eyes and lightly bronze your cheeks, chin, the bridge of your nose and your hairline to add warmth to the face.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color With Argan oil - Brunch Nude


03. Foiled and chic

Subtle and simple

Image courtesy: @carladysonmakeup

Creamy skin, bold brows, plump lips and a perfectly foiled red eyeshadow make up this bold makeup look, and we love it. Focus the shimmer on just the inner ‘V’ on your eyes. Also, lightly dust some shimmering translucent powder on your T-Zone to give it a brightening effect.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute 3D Eye Brow Definer


04. Minimal details

Subtle and simple

A bold matte lip and a full smokey eye might be a little OTT for a Zoom meeting, so here’s how you can dial it down. Opt for a minimal version of the same with a smudged floating crease and a light mauve matte pout to get the job done.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate - Silver Slate


05. Subtle and simple

Subtle and simple

Image courtesy: @jamesmolloymakeupartist

Sometimes, even the simplest details can elevate your everyday makeup look. Prep your skin well, create a graphic liner and pair it with a soft, glossy, matte lip colour, and you’re ready to take on the day!

BB picks: Lakmé Cushion Matte - Brown Sugar

Main image courtesy: @hungvanngo, @josecorella


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