5 Stunning Ways To Wear Gold Eyeshadow This Party Season

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 stunning ways to wear gold eyeshadow this party season

We’re bang in the middle of the last week of December and there’s only one thing on our minds - New Year’s Eve! So, if you’re busy planning what to wear and how to do your makeup, you’re in the right place. If there’s one thing we associate most with the festive season and parties, it has to be shimmer, glitter and gold. They can take any basic makeup look from blah to wow instantly.

So, if you are still struggling with an eye makeup look to go with your statement red lips this New Year’s Eve, look no further. Here are five ways you can wear your favourite gold eyeshadow and look anything but basic.


Metallic gold eyeshadow

Gold highlight

This unevenly applied metallic gold eyeshadow on a nude base screams festive! This eye look is so easy that even noobs can pull it off. If you don’t have a liquid gold makeup product, create one using clear gloss and some metallic powder, coz this look is sure to turn some heads at the party.


Gold smokey eye

Gold highlight

If you can’t get enough of smokey eyes, take it a notch higher by adding some shimmer to the look. Create your smokey eye as you usually do and highlight the inner corners with a shimmer eyeshadow, blending outwards till the centre of the lid. Finish off with two coats of mascara and show your friends how it’s done!


Glitter all over

Gold highlight

If bold and statement looks are your thing, then the search for the perfect New Year eye makeup look ends right here. Apply some primer and clear gloss, then dab loose glitter all over the lid starting from the inner corner. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to balance it out.


Golden wing

Gold highlight

There are eye makeup looks and then there are some that are conversation starters. This look is one of those. Of course it requires precision and experience, but if done right, the golden eye wing could become the next big thing.


Gold highlight

Gold highlight

Don’t turn away from this one because it looks complicated; party makeup looks are never easy! Instead of wearing just a golden eyeshadow, add in another hue to turn up the heat. Dab some golden eyeshadow on top of a green or red base to get this look.

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