8 New Year Makeup Looks That Are Totally Achievable

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
8 New Year makeup looks that are totally achievable

December is the official party month of the year. There are so many get-togethers, parties and events planned in this month that you don’t even have the time to decide what clothes or makeup you will wear to each one of them.

This leaves you with your same-old, regular makeup look that people see you sporting every day of the year - black-liner and nude-lip combo. We believe New Year makeup has to be different, this is the chance to give your inner Picasso the liberty to try on something bold. When we say bold, we definitely don’t mean going all out with all the makeup products in your vanity.

New Year makeup looks keep changing over the years and it is difficult to stay updated with them.  But we being the makeup junkies that we are, always stay abreast with all the happenings in the beauty world. So whether your go-to makeup look is simple and sophisticated or bold and experimental, we have the best makeup looks for you.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a pro to ace these stunning makeup looks. Sit back and relax as we serve all the makeup look inspirations you need to look bomb this New Year’s Eve.


1. Metallic lips

Glitter wrapped ponytail

Metallic lips are by far the easiest and most affordable way to upgrade your New Year makeup look without spending money on buying new products.

If you have stunning, fuller lips naturally you don’t have to do much to stand out from the crowd. Swipe two layers of a metallic lipstick of your choice and that will do the trick.

 If you don’t have a metallic lipstick at your disposal, you can try this quick hack - simply add some shimmer eyeshadow powder or highlighter to your liquid lipstick, mix well and apply


2. Smoked wings

Glitter wrapped ponytail

Take that regular smokey eye a notch higher with the smoked wings look. Not many have given it a try, so if you want to showcase your experimental side, this New Year makeup look tips will surely do the trick.

You can use scotch tape to ensure your wing looks perfect on both sides.


3. Inner corner highlight

Glitter wrapped ponytail

Probably the easiest, yet the trendiest of them all - inner corner highlight. This was a celebrity favourite all year round and continues to be so! Honestly when we have no time and yet want to be the centre of attention we look no further than this look. You can go as bold or as subtle with the inner corner highlight.

Take some glitter, golden/silver eyeshadow, neon colour - anything will work. The idea is to highlight the inner corner of your eyes and keep the rest of the makeup simple.

So if you are a makeup noob looking for an easy New Year makeup idea, this is the one for you.


4. Electric eyeliner

Glitter wrapped ponytail

If you are not too big on bold makeup looks or simply lazy to play with too many makeup products, go with a bold eyeliner colour.

Electric blue is an obvious choice for most people because it’s easily available and makes the eyes pop! While going with this 2020 Year makeup look, make sure you draw thick lines or line both your upper and lower lids to take it a notch higher.

Colours like green, pink, silver and yellow also work. If you have a liquid lipstick shade that you really like, don’t shy away from applying it on your lids as an eyeliner.


5. Burgundy lips and eyes

Glitter wrapped ponytail

Red, burgundy and wine are a few lipstick shades that will always be a party favourite, no matter what your age or skin tone.

These shades look stunning on most women and outfits, so you don’t have to think twice before trying a makeup look using these colours. Using the same shade or even the same product on both, your lips and eyelids is another way to rock your New Year makeup look this year.

If you have a crème or liquid lipstick in one of these shades use it on your eyelids and wear it on your lips too.


6. Graphic eyeliner

Glitter wrapped ponytail

Ditch the classic cat-eye or winged liner look and instantly up your eye makeup game with graphic liners. We agree it might not be the easiest trend to pull off, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Remember to keep the rest of your makeup subtle in order to let your eyes do all the talking this New Year’s Eve.


7. Neon eyeshadow

Glitter wrapped ponytail

Whoever has been telling you that New Year makeup look is all about glitter and shimmer, is wrong! It’s time to show ‘em how it’s done.

If you are not too great with precision and yet want your eye makeup to look unique, go for neon eyeshadow. We don’t know if your palette already has a neon shade or not, but buying one will be worth an investment.

Neon eyeshadows are great conversation starters, we kid you not!


8. Glitter wrapped ponytail

Glitter wrapped ponytail

When it comes to makeup we don’t think it should be limited to the face, of course, there are eye looks, stunning lipstick textures and colours, amazing blush techniques that will help you ace an amazing New Year makeup look. But what if you took the glitter elsewhere this party season?

Yes, apply glitter on your hair or ponytail, taking the attention off your face and yet looking stylish AF! Sport a wet hair look as it will hold the glitter in your hair.

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