Glossy, glowing, glass-like skin is literally all over Instagram and practically every celebrity is sporting that dewy, lit-from-within makeup look. In this video, Deep Pathare from the BB Beauty quad shows you a step-by-step tutorial to achieve that look with simple products and a few hacks. This look is ideal for a casual day out with your friends or even a glam night with your girls if you team it with a bold lip. So go on and try it out.

Step 01: Start with a hydrating moisturiser so that your skin looks glowing and radiant. Here's a little hack to get that dewy base: Take a powder highlighter or a liquid highlighter (whatever you have handy) and mix it with the moisturizer. Apply it all over your face to get that lit-from-within glow and make the skin appear more supple!

Step 02: To even out the texture of the skin, use a blurring and pore-filling primer. Primer gives the foundation something to cling onto making it last longer.

Step 03: Next, apply foundation. Mix a bit of highlighter in the foundation for added illumination. Mix it well and apply it in quick dabbing and rolling motions using a beauty sponge.

Step 04: Use a bronzer to warm up the face and give it some definition.

Step 05: For the eyes, start by giving the crease some definition by applying a brown shade; blend well.

Then add highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. This will help your eyes pop and instantly appear bigger. Use this trick on days when your eyes are tired. This will instantly give you that, wide-awake look! Since it’s a very subtle look, you don’t need to overdo the eyes.