It’s December, which means the party season is right around the corner *yay*. You’ve got your party outfit sorted and have bookmarked a gazillion makeup looks for inspiration. But, the real problem isn’t picking the right makeup look to pair with your sparkly LBD; instead, it’s about getting that glam face to stay put while you dance the night away. Agree?

To get you out of your makeup misery, we roped in celebrity makeup artist Bhavya Arora, who’s clientele includes celebrities like Tapsee Pannu, Chitrangada Singh, Shraddha Kapoor and Radhika Apte, among others to share her pro tips on how to keep party makeup from budging all night long. Take note, ladies!

how to make your party makeup last all night according to a celebrity makeup artist1

Be Beautiful: How important is a primer in making your makeup last long and what is the best way to apply it for maximum effect?

Bhavya Arora: Primer is one of the most important steps in skin prep when you want your makeup to last long. There are various primers that can help mattify oily skin, create an even skin tone or even add hydration. The best way is to take very little product and use a stippling brush to evenly apply all over the face, making sure all areas are covered.

BB: What kind of skin prep is required for long-lasting makeup?

BA: Skin prep is as important as makeup application for long-lasting makeup. Make sure your skin is well-hydrated and moisturised. I sometimes use a sheet mask before starting if someone has dry or tired skin. Apply a face oil or moisturiser, an undereye cream and a lip balm/primer and finally, apply a face primer before you start your makeup. This will help your makeup last longer. If you sweat a lot then I recommend icing your face before you start the skin prep.

BB: Is it necessary to apply primer on the eyes as well?

BA: Not really. I usually use a concealer as a base for eye makeup application.

how to make your party makeup last all night according to a celebrity makeup artist2

BB: How to apply foundation to ensure that it doesn’t budge?

BA: I believe less is more. So, take a look at your skin and assess how much coverage you actually need. The more foundation you apply, the more the chances of it running patchy. To apply, either use a brush or a sponge to evenly pack the foundation over the face. Make sure you blend well so it doesn’t look patchy in parts and then, powder it to ensure it stays in place. The powder is what seals your foundation in place.

BB: Is it better to use a compact powder or setting spray when sealing in makeup?

BA: I always recommend a powder over a setting spray to seal the makeup. This is because the powder does a better job at sealing your makeup and ensuring that it lasts all day.

BB: How to prevent your lipstick from smudging, feathering and being wiped off?

BA: The trick is to seal the edges of lips with a flat brush and concealer and then apply powder over it. This will ensure your lip colour doesn’t bleed. Also, for long-lasting usage, I like to build layers. Line and fill your lips with a lip pencil and then go over it with lipstick (creamy or matte). Top it off with another layer of matte liquid lipstick or lip gloss, depending on the finish you’re going for.

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BB: What are some quick ways to touch up your makeup?

BA: My tip would be to carry the lipstick that can double up as a blush and a compact to touch up the base. Instead of applying the lipstick directly, you can just dab it with your fingers on your lips and cheeks. This would literally take less than five minutes to do.

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BB: How do you ensure eye makeup stays put on oily eyelids?

BA: For oily lids I use a mattifying eye primer or apply a concealer and seal it in with powder using a sponge or a puff before I apply the eyeshadow. Or sometimes if lids are anyway oily then I go with a cream eyeshadow so it just doesn’t look out of place and blends in.

All images courtesy: @bhavyaarora