So listen up, girls! Glitter eyeshadow is back with a major 2020 update. Of course, I understand if that dreaded fallout leaves you skeptical. I was too. But there’s a way to fix that.

So before you try this glitter eye makeup tutorial, remember this. Start off your makeup with the eyes and then move onto the base. Also tape the outer corners of your eyes with masking tape to give your eye makeup a clear guideline. 

Step 01: Start by applying concealer all over your eyelids to cover any redness, veins or discoloration. This creates a blank canvas and at the same time, helps the eyeshadow cling onto the lids better.

Step 02: Next, use a light brown shade as a transition colour. Make sure to blend it into the crease starting from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye.

Step 03: Then use a dark brown shade, place it over the outer ‘V’ of the eye and drag it into the crease. This will give your eyeshadow depth and dimension.

Step 04: Use the same concealer if you don't have glitter glue; it will act as a base for the glitter. It is extremely important to have a sticky base for the glitter to stay for a longer period of time. Just place the concealer starting from the inner corner of the eye till the centre of the lids.

Step 05: Use a flat brush to pick up the glitter and dab it over the concealed area. You can also use your fingers for this step. Remember to softly pat the glitter onto your eyelids.

In case of fallout, just tap a small piece of transparent tape over the fallout to gently get rid of it. Then continue with your base makeup, and come back to the eyes once you’re done.

Step 06: For the lower lash line, take a dark brown shade and blend it out for a smokey effect.