Traditional Halloween makeup was all about painting skulls, stitches and blood dripping from your lips. The main idea was to do scary, grotesque looking makeup that matches the macabre vibe of the popular festival. They are also supposed to be a makeup look you can wear with costumes in order to make the entire look stand-out at a Halloween party. But the evolution of makeup trends over the years has elevated the theme of Halloween from just scary to super creative and OTT.

Yes, you do not need to look super scary and can showcase your makeup skills by creating fun and fabulous artwork using your face as a canvas. We personally love pretty-looking, easy-on-the-eyes and conceptual Halloween makeup looks. You can also use a variety of themes, inspirations and sources to create a fabulous Halloween look that is unique to you. Which is why we have compiled some really adorable and beautiful looks for you to try on your next spooky outing...


1. Summer fairy

Summer fairy

Image courtesy: @sophiehannah

Angels and fairies are a common theme during Halloween and if you have a plan to wear some wings, this makeup look is perfect for it. Prep your face with a matte base and contour your cheeks and forehead. Recreate this eye makeup with pastel shadows, pearly makeup accessories and false lashes. Use a thin lip brush to create colourful florals above the crease and fill in your brows for a feathery finish. Complete the look by creating some faux freckles with an eyeliner and pop on a creamy, fruity lip shade.


2. All’s fair in love

All’s fair in love

Image courtesy: @sarahnewsfx

If you love to wear your heart on your sleeve, why not take it a step further and wear it on your face! Hearty face mask makeup is a trendy look that you can do with BAE for a couple’s costume. Upgrade the face paint with clumpy individual false lashes and eyebrows perfectly groomed with a pomade or soap. Style a winged liner and keep your lips in a matching red matte for a monochrome look.


3. Pretty ventriloquist doll

Pretty ventriloquist doll

Image courtesy: @greta.mikki

A ventriloquist doll is an easy yet fun makeup look to create for Halloween. Block out your natural brows with a concealer and create faux grey ones to look like a ceramic doll. A couple of streaks down the side of the mouth is all you need to create the dummy effect. We love the false lashes stuck on the cheeks to make it look like the model has false, hollow eyes. The shading detail on the hands is a genius add-on to keep the illusion alive, remember ladies - the devil is in the details!


4. Candy cane chic

Candy cane chic

Image courtesy: @sachacvl

The main attraction of Halloween is all the candy you can collect and eat! Even though candy canes are a Christmas staple, you can adapt them to Halloween with a touch of pumpkin orange and rich greens. We are loving the candy cane lining around the eyebrow and a strand on the crease. The dainty candy canes on the cheek are a cute detail that you can create to up the drama on this otherwise toned-down Halloween look.


5. Pop art lovers

Pop art lovers

Image courtesy: @harshleenjhans

Pop art makeup looks got super popular with TikTok trends who showed off their makeup skills by creating fabulous makeup looks. The makeup look can be used to rock cool phrases on your face and experiment with a variety of colours and shapes that would not do otherwise. Plop on a chic wig on top and you are ready to take quirky selfies for your instagram feed.


6. Bubblegum princess

Bubblegum princess

Image courtesy: @malaika_lunkad

The days of decking out like a Disney Princess are over! Create your unique princess moment by taking one theme and planning your whole look around this. We are loving this hot-pink bubblegum-themed look, perfect for bright and flirty personalities who love to be unapologetically *extra*. The monochrome pink look is made even more dramatic with the shimmery eyeliner to add some texture and a pop of glow in the otherwise matte look.


7. Clown, but make it fashion

Clown, but make it fashion

Image courtesy: @katiewakenshaw

Clown makeup is a major Halloween theme which plays with a different set of colours to bring out various features on your face. But a chicer way to do it will be two-toned or black and white monochrome to bring down the clown-ish quality of it. Plus, this makeup look gives you a good opportunity to wear black lipstick and a darkened nose tip, all of it looks super cute!


8. Duality


Image courtesy: @themermaidscales

We love the whole ‘sweet and spicy’ vibe that you can create with makeup! In this makeup look, the artwork represents danger on one side and magic on the other. The two-toned wig also matches the dual tone of the makeup look. We love how simple the concept is yet the final look is so creative at the same time. That pink nose is just too cute to ignore as well!


9. Insta-filter glam

Insta-filter glam

Image courtesy: @katieelizabethbutt

Turning instagram filters into full makeup looks is the latest trend to hit social media and we think it is so cool. This princess eye makeup look effect takes full effect when you close your eyes and can be a great way to catch your friends off guard. The rest of the face is blurred with powdery makeup to imitate the beauty filters you find on Instagram. And all your need to create that plump cartoon lip is a lip liner to extend the corners of your mouth and a white pencil to mark out the contours of your lip.


10. She’s a superhero!

She’s a superhero!

Image courtesy: @farrajaidii

The popularity of superheroes cannot be just attributed to the high octane action of the movies - the costumes, hair and makeup are equally a treat! If you are a fan of superhero movies, this makeup look is a good way to showcase that. The look recreates a mask, paired with a red lip, all you need is a steady hand and patience to blend the rich colour in with the rest of your face.


11. Sunny side up

Sunny side up

Image courtesy: @shwetabhintade

If you are a foodie, this breakfast-themed makeup look is such a pretty idea to recreate. The sunny-side-up egg shapes are easy to create with white eyeshadow and a yellow-pigmented kohl liner. Blend pretty yellow shades on your lids to match the rest of your face and keep your lips relatively muted, but glossy. Pop on some thick and dramatic lashes to add finishing touches to the look.


12. Celestial chrome

Celestial chrome

Image courtesy: @gabxxrielle

Mapping out the night sky and painting it on your face will make for such pretty looks. This particular Halloween night glam can be recreated by blending chrome shadows on your eye area and drawing slender celestial tendrils over it. We love how the rest of the face is left totally muted to keep all the focus on the eye look. So grab your pigmented highlighter palettes to create a variety of chrome looks on your face!


13. It’s electrifying

It’s electrifying

Image courtesy: @abbyroberts

Graphic makeup looks are yet another major beauty trend for Halloween and what better way to do them, but with such happy and bright colours! Put your precision makeup skills to good use by creating geometric shapes on your face, they lend a unique contrast with your softer facial features. We love the electrifying lightning bolt on the cheek and the equally sharp eyeliner look. The use of while colour to make the eyeliner pop is just the touch of whimsy we like to see in Halloween makeup looks!

Main Image courtesy: @ishanimitraa, @hhbomberr