In the last two years, the world has shifted to digital platforms for everything. Today, with the work from home scenario, the only contact we have with our office buds and colleagues is through video calls. But there are certain things to keep in mind when you want to look your best on camera. Your regular makeup look does not cut it for the lens. If you are someone who attends a tonne of video calls and meetings throughout the day, use these beauty guidelines to always look presentable.

And for our Instagram fans, these suggestions work marvellously for selfies as well. Time to bring on your A-game with these little tweaks in your beauty routine.


01. Stick to a neutral makeup look

Stick to a neutral makeup look

When getting ready for the camera, your safest bet is to stick to neutral shades. A little brown or peach eyeshadow with a champagne shade over the lids will do the trick. Even for eyeliner, you can try going softer with a brown eyeshadow or eyeliner. Brown adds definition while ensuring your makeup still looks muted. You can play up the look with 2-3 coats of a volume-boosting mascara like the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Volume Mascara on your lashes.


02. Pick a concealer shade that’s closest to your skin tone

Pick a concealer shade that’s closest to your skin tone

We all love brightening concealers, but don’t go too light with your concealer. Light concealer might give you a horrible white cast on the screen. Instead, stick to base products that are close to your skin tone. But shade is not the only thing that matters. Concealer finish also plays a huge role. Look for concealers with a matte finish like the Lakmé 9to5 Primer+Matte Liquid Concealer so your skin doesn’t end up shining too bright with the slightest reflection of light. Available in eight shades that are perfect for Indian skin tones, this concealer hides imperfections while also lending blurring benefits of a primer. Also, avoid baking your face with a lighter powder and lightly set your makeup with a powder that’s close to your complexion.


03. Add a flush of colour using blush

Add a flush of colour using blush

Highlighter has a funny way of making your skin look like a disco ball on camera. In real life, it’s a product we’re all obsessed with. But on camera, it can be your worst enemy. Avoid using any highlighter and instead, go for a bronzer or blush for your face. Use either to add some colour and dimension to your face and stay away from the highlighters!


04. Swap lipstick for lip gloss

Swap lipstick for lip gloss

Everything is super exaggerated on camera. Matte lipsticks can look extremely dry and crusty so go for satin lipsticks or glosses instead. The best pick would be a lip gloss. It adds a youthful charm to the face while making your lips look well-nourished. Pick a shade from the Lakme Absolute Spotlight Lip Gloss and be camera-ready in a single swipe.


05. Tame unruly hair

Tame unruly hair

Unruly hair is a big no-no camera. Every little stray strand sticks out as if only that part is in HD. Brush it out and style it in place. For a sleek and elegant look, use a hair serum like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum. It ensures your hair stays looking smooth, frizz-free, shiny and manageable.