The festive season is here, and you know what that means, right? It’s time to dress up and put all those hours spent watching YouTube makeup tutorials to test. And while we’re always up for experimenting with our hairstyles and eye makeup, our poor lips are only treated to a simple swipe of lipstick.

Well, not anymore. It’s time to up your lip game with the hottest trend of the season — ombré lips! Read on to know everything about the ombré lips trend and how you can rock it this festive season.


What are ombré lips

What are ombré lips

Image Courtesy: @lydia_lillianne

The word ombré literally means shaded tone in French. The ombré lips trend is about wearing two different colours on your lips. It usually features a light shade on the centre of the lips and a darker hue around the corner. Not only does this end up giving dimension to your lips, but it also makes them appear fuller. Awesome, right?


How to recreate the ombré lips trend

How to recreate the ombré lips trend

Step #1: Start by choosing your lipstick shades. For results, we suggest opting for a lighter and darker shade from the same colour family.

Step #2: Now, to start off, apply some Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer SPF 25 on your lips and blend it well with a damp beauty sponge. The concealer will cover discolouration on the lips (if any) and make the colours pop.

Step #3: Once the concealer sets, it’s time to line the outer edges of your lips with the Lakmé Absolute 3D Lip Definer - Crimson. It’s important to ensure that your lip liner and dark-hued lipstick (the one on the outer edges) are of similar shades. This will help define your lips and make them appear fuller.

Step #4: It’s now time to apply the dark lipstick around the corners of your lips. We are going with the Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color- Coral Reef. This lipstick is enriched with rosehip oil, giving your lips an intense colour payoff without drying out your lips.

Step #5: Press your lips together so the lip liner and the lipstick on the edges of your lips blend together.

Step #6: Now, to fill in the centre of your lips and recreate that ombré effect, apply the lighter-hued lipstick towards the centre of your lips. We suggest using the Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color - Peach Rose for this.

Step #7: Finally, to get that ombré effect, take a lip brush and blend the two shades together for a seamless look. Purse your lips together, and you’re ready to slay

Main Image Courtesy: @makeupbyshagun