When it comes to a bridal manicure, you have to be careful about picking the right one to go with your mehndi. You do not want an elaborate nail art to distract from the meticulous henna design — save those for the rituals preceding your mehndi ceremony. After all, you do not want all that effort of sitting in a back-breaking position for hours going to waste, do you? The ideal manicure to pair to complement your mehndi design should be understated enough to let the henna take centre-stage, but not so much that your nails start to look blah and boring. We have a few ideas to help you figure out the right minimal manicure for your big day.


01. Marble white

Marble white

Image courtesy: @amritahenna

Matte white nails are quite popular with bridal manicurists, but they run the risk of chipping easily. Go for a gel and glossy finish instead, resembling the smooth surface of a marble. These high glam nails will elevate the look of your henna like no other.


02. Blush press-ons

Blush press-ons

Image courtesy: @rjs_company

Even while going for a minimal feel, you can add some drama to your bridal manicure by changing the nail’s length and shape. Blush or nude press on nails are a great way to get your dressy manicure fix, without taking the conversation away from the henna.


03. Classic French tips

Classic French tips

Image courtesy: @hennabydivya

Long French tips are already a major bridal manicure trend and for a reason. You can either go for the classic white tips or switch things up with crimson red tips or ones with an ombre gradient. Focusing On just the tips with white creates for a fun contrast moment with the dark henna dye.


04. All about glitter

All about glitter

Image courtesy: @glitzysaga

Glittery gold manicures are a bridal classic. But we love how this toned-down version balances out the heavy lehenga and intricate mehndi art so beautifully. Apply a glittery nail paint to only one finger and paint the rest with a nude glossy colour. You can go ahead and dab on some glitter on the tip of the nail too.


05. Metallic silver

Metallic silver

Image courtesy: @morviimages

While golden glitter nails look wonderful with all gold bling, silver manicures pair better with diamond accessories and ivory bridal ensembles better. The metallic finish makes the manicure look smart, perfect for brides who don't want to take the traditional route with their bridal glam.

Main image courtesy: @rjs_company