Wedding Makeup Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride

The ideal bridal makeup reflects the bride’s personality impeccably. When designing your bridal look, you have to strike the right balance between things you personally love and complement you the best. And since makeup is such a versatile art, it can be created in so many ways to suit the many different kinds of brides.

Well, we have found the perfect makeup look to suit your individual personality types. Pick yours and pin the makeup look we suggested to your vision board for your big day!


01. She’s electrifying!

Wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride

Image courtesy: @dollyouup_bys

Love to surprise the people around with fun little details in your glam? Then this makeup look is right up your alley! So bold and so fun, the electric blue liner paired with a dewy and toned down is just the attention to detail that people know and love you for!


02. Minimal but grand

Wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride

Image courtesy: @makeupbyshagun

Staying minimal yet making a statement is what sets you apart from the crowd. A sophisticated makeup look created with pigments that add warmth to your skin tone will let you stay true to your character.


03. A love for drama

Wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride

Image courtesy: @makeupbyurmikaur

A little bit of drama is important in life; it keeps you on your toes! If you are a sucker for drama in your entertainment choices and real life, a dramatic makeup look is the one for you. A sharp graphic eye done with shimmery and pigmented tints and paired with skin that is set to max glow — we are in awe of this look!


04. Traditional at heart

Wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride

Image courtesy: @ulupiparikh

If you are the kind of bride who is opting for a traditional wedding, your ensembles will need the right type of makeup look to pair with it. A classic red joda will look so pretty with a red and pink makeup look. We especially love the unapologetically bold and natural brows on this blushing bride!


05. The adventurous kind

Wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride

Image courtesy: @samairasandhu

You’ve been bitten by the experimental bug, and well, you and your bridal glam should absolutely reflect that. Berry-toned eyes paired with blue mascara and blush draped to the highs of your temples — only the adventurous bride can pull off this look on her engagement or reception!

Main image courtesy: @paveenarathour

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