We are pretty sure that “...but it’s so hot out!” excuse is not for heat strokes but rather a way to keep makeup from melting off. The way we look at it is you can either sweat-proof your routine or use the humidity to your advantage. Instead of painting your whole face the usual way, here are some easy makeup looks that will give you fabulous ‘Golden Hour’ selfies.


Tint it

Tint it - Makeup looks

Heavy, creamier formulas tend to melt off in the heat. So, swap your creamy blushes and lipsticks with a lightweight lip and cheek tint this summer. They give your face that naturally flushed look and stay on for a longer duration.


Gloss ‘em peepers

Gloss ‘em peepers - Makeup looks

A sweaty face can overshadow any shimmer you might have put on. Make your eyes pop by covering the lids with clear or silvery eye gloss that no amount of sweat can overpower. Don’t forget to prime your lids with a waterproof formula like the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer to keep the gloss intact all day long!


Sun-kissed beauty

Sun-kissed beauty - Makeup looks

Give your face a sun-kissed appearance by adding a dash of bronzer. To spruce things up, swap your contour with a warm bronzer for a youthful appearance. You can also layer blush on top, which a bit of perspiration will help naturally blend in!


Golden hour highlight

Golden hour highlight - Makeup looks

We all know the common spots to apply highlighter — top of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and your temples. Give this an update by adding a highlighter like the Lakme Absolute Highlighter - Moon-Lit to a few more spots on your face in a reverse ‘C’ shape: starting from your temple to the middle of your face. Apply some on your jawline as well if you plan to give a great profile ‘face!’.


Warm nude

Warm nude - Makeup looks

A bold red hue can look a little too intense for a sunny day. Not to mention, the smudges you’ll have to deal with while blotting sweat off from your face. Instead, opt for a long-wear, warm nude lip colour like the Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - Blushing Nude to tone down the drama. You can also layer it with shimmery gloss for a cute summery look.

Image courtesy: Instagram