5 Makeup Trends That Are Set To Dominate Winter

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
 5 makeup trends that are set to dominate winter

If you’re a makeup enthusiast (just like us), we bet you can’t wait to try all the latest trends a new season has in store. 2021 is almost coming to an end (say whaaaaa), which means it’s time to dress up and make merry. As you prepare for the seasonal transition, acquaint yourselves with all the beauty trends that are going to take centre stage in December. Here are five of the biggest makeup trends that are set to dominate winter.


01. A pop of plum

A delicate wash of colours

A dash of plum on the lips exudes radiance. A standalone element that weaves an entire look together, plum-stained lips are bold, exquisite, and elegant. This deliciously-hued colour compliments undertones of pink covering the cheekbones. Just paint your lips with the Lakmé Absolute 3D Lipstick - Plum Spell and dab a pop of highlighter on the Cupid’s Bow for a puckered pout.


02. A psychedelic rainbow

A delicate wash of colours

If you have a shimmery eyeshadow palette, all you have to do is play with the shades. Don’t shy away from these vivacious colours. Experiment with different variations of the multi-coloured look. Pair a purple with a blue, or a yellow with pink, and draw a little mosaic on your lids.


03. An upgraded feline flick

A delicate wash of colours

Most of us are passionate advocates of the cat-eye look. And this one’s just gorgeous. The focus isn’t just the whittled-to-perfect eyeliner bordering the lids, but the streak of black running along the rims of the eyes - as well as the mascara-tipped lashes. Accompany this look with a soft shade of pink on the lips.


04. A soft touch of glam

A delicate wash of colours

Lana Condor’s makeup looks, laced with a touch of delicacy, are stunning. If you lean more toward minimalistic looks, just fill in your lips with a shade of nude. And opt for a neutral-coloured eyeshadow. Coat your eyes with mascara, and accentuate your cheeks with a subtle shade of pink. The Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Coral Blush is a perfect match!


05. A delicate wash of colours

A delicate wash of colours

Image Courtesy: @maryphillips

Just how seamless, blended, and beautiful is this look? Centred around accents of purple, Hailey’s look is ideal for a day-out during the winters. Sweep on some lilac eyeshadow and brush up your brows. Tie the look together with a dab of highlighter on the cheekbones.

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