5 Eye Makeup Hacks To Try This Monsoon

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 5 eye makeup hacks to try this monsoon

No matter what you feel about the rain, one thing's clear — it is not your makeup's BFF. On the contrary, monsoons seem hell-bent on destroying whatever flawless makeup looks we may have donned, starting with our eye makeup. We could fill an entire book with the eye makeup disasters that the monsoons cause — from partially horrifying, partially hilarious raccoon eyes to eyeliner strewn across our cheeks.

If you're sick of the monsoon raining on your parade (read: eye makeup) and want to step up your makeup game this monsoon, here are five eye makeup hacks that will do the trick.


01. Prime your eyelids

05. Set your eyeliner

While this isn't technically a hack, it’s an important step that many tend to skip. Priming your eyelids can make all the difference between what's staying on and what's going to be strewn all over your face by lunchtime. If you find the idea of investing in an eyeshadow primer pointless, use your regular one or dab on some concealer and set it with powder.


02. Powder your lashes

05. Set your eyeliner

So, this one actually has a multifold purpose — and we swear by it. Not only does using setting powder between mascara coats make your lashes more voluminous, but it also makes sure your mascara stays in place all day and doesn't smudge. Simply dust some loose powder on a disposable mascara wand and sweep it over your lashes. Not only is it a great hack for times when you run out of waterproof mascara, but it also adds oodles of volume to your lashes.


03. Let your eyeshadow do the talking

05. Set your eyeliner

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Listen, you might be the champion of winged eyeliner, but in the rain, it feels a little futile since the wings wash off, and you're left with a crooked mess. If the rain doesn't get you, the humidity will — which is why you should focus on eyeshadows instead. And the only way to make your eyeshadow pop during dreary weather? Use white eyeliner as a base all over your lid, and then proceed to apply the shadow over it. Trust us, there’s no going back once you see the difference.


04. Use cream or glossy eyeshadow

05. Set your eyeliner

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Speaking of eyeshadows, BTW, do not wear powder eyeshadows. Unfortunately, no matter how much you may love your powdery palettes, they're the ones to fade away. Instead, use a cream eyeshadow to make your lids pop. If you don't have a cream shadow, a neat trick is to apply a base of powder eyeshadow and lock it in with some clear gloss. You'll get beautiful, bright glossy lids that'll stay on all day.


05. Set your eyeliner

05. Set your eyeliner

Okay, so you've decided to wear eyeliner during the monsoon after all. But if you want to avoid it vanishing before noon, don't forget to set it. Simply take black eyeshadow (or eyeshadow the colour of your eyeliner), and pat it over your eyeliner. This will make sure it stays put all day and doesn't smudge no matter what.

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