The Perfect Eye Makeup Looks For Monsoon 

Written by Lopa KJul 13, 2022
The Perfect Eye Makeup Looks for Monsoon 

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Tired of sporting simple and casual looks? This monsoon, learn how to apply the perfect eye makeup looks in a few easy steps. 

With the incoming monsoon, welcome new trends and looks from smokey eyes to bold lips. While summer was all about pastel colours and rhinestones, keep it muted this monsoon so that the rains do not wash off your hard work. Well, let’s explore eye makeup looks that every beauty influencer is sporting right now.  

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Best eye makeup look for monsoon 

We love to assign colours to each season and monsoon is no different. If green was for spring and lavender was for summer, it just makes sense that blue would dominate the fashion scene during the rainy season. Play around with shades like blue or nude eyeshadows to complete your look. But Indians are nothing if not resourceful. We know not to go overboard as the humidity, wind and rain could mess up our looks. So, how do we get the perfect eye makeup looks without the monsoons ruining it? 

How to apply perfect eye makeup for monsoon? 

Keep it simple but fashionable. That’s the key to surviving the humid weather. Opt for a subtle version of the smokey eye by switching out the black for a lighter shade like brown or copper. 

eye makeup looks eyeshadow eyeliner

Step 1 - Prep your face 

Before getting to the eye makeup, you first need to prep. Wash and moisturise your face followed by a primer. The Lakme Absolute Blur Primer blurs blemishes and is waterproof so that your makeup lasts all day. It even helps you to blend your eyeshadow properly.  

Next, get to the base with the Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation which is weightless so that you don’t end up with a cakey finish. Dot a little foundation around your eyes and blend it well with a makeup sponge. It is water-resistant and can survive the humid weather which should be the most important criterion so that your makeup doesn’t run off the moment you step into the rain. 

eye makeup looks eyeshadow eyeliner

Step 2 - Have fun with the eyeshadows 

Let your inner Picasso flow by selecting your shades. If you’re still not comfortable with applying smokey makeup, play it safe with two colours. First, take a light shade like the beige from Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Magic. Don’t worry about it not being visible, as the shades are highly pigmented and are made to turn heads with vibrant colours.  

Apply it all over your eyelid and then move on to a darker colour like the matte rust or the shimmering copper. Apply it to the outer corner of your eye that is shaped like a horizontal ‘V’. With these colours being easily blendable, just take a soft bristle brush and start blending until you cannot make out where the light shade ends and the smokiness begins.  

eye makeup looks eyeshadow eyeliner

Step 3 -  Complete your look 

Finish your eye makeup look with a liner and mascara. Now, what have we learnt? Keep it waterproof with the Lakme 9 to 5 Black Impact Liner that dries quickly and has an easy grip to apply liner over your masterpiece. Feel like going dramatic? Wing out your eyeliner to match the smokey part of the makeup. Follow it up by accentuating your eyelashes with the Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara. This waterproof mascara lasts all day long while naturally curling your lashes so that even the heavy rain can’t affect them. 

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Eye makeup for different eye shapes 

With India being a huge country, we have so many diverse features from different hair types and skin colours, to different eye shapes and eye colours.  We suggest a half-winged eyeliner or bold winged eyeliner with a smokey eye for monolids or hooded lids. Colour your lids, all the way up to the brow bone so that you don’t have to pose with your eyes closed to flaunt your hard work. Pair up the light blue shade with the glittering purple from the Lakme Midnight Magic palette on the outer corner and apply it right up to your brow bone. Trust us, no eyelid shape will then be able to make that eye makeup disappear. 

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Eye makeup looks for light eyes 

Do you have light-coloured eyes or like to wear coloured contact lenses? Then experiment with more shades that will highlight your look. Go for an even more vibrant shade like pink or red eyeshadow to smoke out your eyes. If you want to dress up for a day look, then switch things up with red eyeliner instead that will make your eyes really dazzle.  

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Monsoon eye makeup hacks that will do the trick 

Are you still tired of the rain creating tear tracks with your eyeliner or mascara? Apart from the usual waterproof makeup, there are some tips and tricks that can let you show off your eye makeup look all day long during the monsoons. 

eye makeup looks eyeshadow eyeliner

Prime your eyelids  

Primer is a liquid substance that acts as a base for the makeup to stick to it. This makes your hard work last longer. It also helps blend the foundation and eye makeup easily so that you can achieve the perfect smokey eye. Before applying your eyeshadows, first, take a little primer and dab it all over your eyelids. 

eye makeup looks eyeshadow eyeliner

Use liquid or glossy eyeshadow  

Liquid and glossy eyeshadows are actually a boon as they are highly pigmented and last all day long? Don’t believe us? The Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duo dries quickly and comes in matte and glitter shades, perfect for sporting some a bold eye makeup looks this monsoon. It also has a smooth texture and is easy to apply without creasing or messing up the rest of your makeup. 

Set your eyeliner  

You must have heard of setting your makeup, but how do you do it for your eyeliner? Using a flat brush, take black eyeshadow or eyeshadow of the same shade as your liner and apply it on top of your eyeliner by dabbing it gently. And like your base, this step prevents your eyeliner from smudging and ruining your whole look the moment you blink.  

Now you’re clued up on the best eye makeup looks for monsoon – it’s time to get creative! What are your favourite ways to create a statement eye? Let us know in the comments... 

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