2017 Eyeliner Trends All Makeup Gurus Are Going Crazy About

Written by Nikita MehraSep 20, 2018
2017 Eyeliner trends all makeup gurus are going crazy about

If there is one thing that brings your entire makeup look together, it is your eyeliner.

Makeup gurus around the globe have been experimenting with different eyeliner styles and giving us some quirky eyeliner trends to follow this year!

While choosing an eyeliner to replicate these trends, we suggest you choose our old, trust worthy friend, Lakmé’s 9 to 5 eyeliner because their eyeliners are really pigmented and long lasting. The packaging makes it easier to apply because the stick is thin and precise at the tip.

2017 has been full of eyeliner trends so far and these are some of our favorites…


Trend alert 1: Cartoon eyeliner

Trend alert 5: Studded eyeliner trend

When everyone’s favorite makeup YouTuber Nikkie filmed a tutorial on this, we instantly fell in love and so will you. Cartoon eyeliners are a fun way to add some quirk in your look when you don’t feel like dressing up. They are colorful, young and fresh!


Trend alert 2: Angelic white eyeliner

Trend alert 5: Studded eyeliner trend

After a white waterline, it’s time for white eyeliner. White eyeliners could add a softer touch to your overall makeup. You can experiment with this trend and try different white eyeliner looks like graphic white eyeliner or the classic winged white eyeliner.


Trend alert 3: Dotted eyeliner

Trend alert 5: Studded eyeliner trend

Now, dotted eyeliner became a rage a couple of months ago but looks like make up gurus haven’t had enough of this trend. They are experimenting with dotted eyeliner to develop new eyeliner ideas like dotted kajal or dotted smokey wings to your regular eyeliner and we couldn’t be more excited.


Trend alert 4: Neon eyeliner

Trend alert 5: Studded eyeliner trend

How can you not love neon, right? The neon eyeliner trend like the cartoon eyeliner adds the perfect pop of color to your otherwise regular look.

BeBe tip: Wear the neon eyeliner with baby pink lips and let your hair down into light waves for the perfect summery, beach vacation look. Try the Elle 18 color pop matte lipstick in pink and instead of gliding it on, dab in gently on your lips for the perfect natural lip tint.


Trend alert 5: Studded eyeliner trend

Trend alert 5: Studded eyeliner trend

One of our personal favorites, this studded eyeliner trend is perfect for times you want to go all glam! It’ll make for a great birthday girl look, or a cocktail dinner look you can opt for stunning gold studded winged eyeliner instead of shimmery eye shadow.

BeBe tip: first go over with a layer of regular eyeliner so that you have a road map ready over which you can go ahead with your layer of studs. After the studs have been applied on the lids using eye glue, go over with another layer of the usual eyeliner to define and neaten it further.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures if you decide to replicate any of these stunning 2017 eyeliner styles!

Image credits: Desi Perkins YouTube, Fashionisers.com

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