By now, eyeliner has earned a place of pride in every woman’s beauty kit. Thanks to its incredible versatility, it’s a makeup staple for board meetings or Sunday brunches. No makeup trend could be on par with a classy swipe of eyeliner, at least that’s what we used to think. The graphic eyeliner came on the scene. The hot eye makeup look is a rebellious cousin of the feminine winged liner and unsurprisingly, has even been spotted on the runways of Milan and New York. So, if you’re looking to experiment with this ultra-mod eye makeup trend, here is how you can start. 

Apply the Graphic Eyeliner Trend  

While a classic winged eyeliner look never goes wrong, sometimes we need to get a little more creative with our makeup. Make your eyes the focus of your look with graphic eyeliner that uses bold colours and geometric shapes to highlight your eyes. We're seeing more graphic eyeliners in the beauty world now and playing with makeup in new ways. To help you add more graphic eyeliner to your makeup routine, here are 3 different graphic eyeliner looks. 

1. Double trouble 


What’s better than a single streak of eyeliner? Another one of course! This graphic eyeliner style is a double-lined makeup look that adds a definite edge in the simplest way possible. We recommend you wear this to your next weekend sundowner! 

How to Achieve the Look:  

Get it with the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner. Apply a single line close to your upper lash line and extend it slightly. Follow this with a second line from the centre of the bottom lash line until the outer end, with both ends parallel to each other. This eyeliner features a unique tip that makes precise and even strokes an effortless affair. And the glossy touch gives a polished look that lasts all day long. 

2. Golden Goddess 

Ways to Apply the Graphic Eyeliner Trend: 3 Tips

The rich shade of gold has always been an alluring favourite in the makeup world. So when graphic eye makeup made its presence felt, the royal metal made sure it was included. The exaggerated gold cat eye is bound to have all eyes on you at your next dinner party. 

How to Achieve the Look:  

Get it with the Lakmé Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner in Liquid Gold. After creating an outline of a cat eye over the top and bottom lid, fill it in with gold eyeliner for a metallic finish. It comes with a water-based formula that is easy to apply and gives a rich, intense color. All you need is just one stroke and it stays on your eyes for many hours without smudging to keep your glamorous look intact.  

3. Feline flick 

Ways to Apply the Graphic Eyeliner Trend: 3 Tips

We haven’t yet met a girl who doesn’t love a good cat eye! It’s sexy, chic and all kinds of perfect. When modern makeup combined with the classic feline flick, a daring geometric look was born. Date night, meet your new companion.  

How to Achieve the Look:  

Get it with – the Lakmé Eyeconic Liner Pen – Fine Tip. Trace the shape of the cat eye over the lid and ensure that the centre of the lid is left bare. Fill the outer ends with eyeliner and make sure the flicks remain sharp. The pen allows you to draw long lasting, waterproof strokes across your eyelids that stay put for up to 14 hours. This is the best eyeliner for graphic liner if you want that precision and longevity. 

FAQs about Ways to Apply the Graphic Eyeliner Trend  

What is the graphic eyeliner trend? 

The graphic eyeliner trend lets you experiment with your looks by using bold colours and geometric shapes to really draw attention to your eyes. 

What is a floating eyeliner? 

You can do floating eyeliner for any eye shape simply using the natural shape of the crease instead of following the lash line. 

How to do graphic eyeliner? 

A graphic eyeliner look is a great alternative to the classic cat-eye. It can be created with gels, liquids, kohls, and pencil liners, as well as eyeshadows

Why doesn't my eyeliner stay on my waterline? 

Because eyes are always wet and we blink a lot, eyeliner doesn't stay on your eyes. As far as liquids go, just be careful! If you use a drier pencil and then apply black eyeshadow light over top, it'll stay on all day long!