Taking selfies is something most of us love to do. Well, our favorite celebrities are no different. In fact, their selfie game is way better than ours, isn’t it? And they’re way more legit ’coz their makeup game is on point! You can’t help but use your two fingers and zoom in to check if they really do look like that or there’s some amount of Photoshop involved. Either way, all these selfies totally make it to the #makeupgoals hall of fame.

Here are five makeup selfies by our favorite celebs that we’d double tap over and over again!

1. Kim Kardashian West’s blue eye makeup selfie

Kim Kardashian West’s blue eye makeup selfie

Nobody could possibly beat Kim Kardashian West when it comes to make up and selfies. She’s probably the queen of both! What we love about this selfie of hers is the stunning blue eye shadow that’s making her peepers pop! And it obviously goes without saying that the queen of contouring is obviously acing her game this time too!

2. Selena Gomez’s faint smokey-eye selfie

Selena Gomez’s faint smokey eye makeup selfie

Any selfie taken by the beloved Selena Gomez is one to love! This one by far, is our favourite. What we love most about this makeup selfie, is her faint smokey-eye, and her peach lip gloss, which makes her look totally stunning! A special mention for her hair though—the next time we’re stepping out and want to up our casual chic game, we’re taking lessons from her!

3. Kylie Jenner’s red lipstick selfie

Kylie Jenner’s red lipstick selfie

Doesn’t Kylie look absolutely flawless in this selfie? Just look at her! Of course, if your perfect pout is what you’re known for, why not flaunt it the best way you can, eh? That nude makeup game could not be more perfect and those gorgeous painted puckers make this selfie totally lit!

4. Gigi Haded’s winged eyeliner selfie

Gigi Haded’s winged eyeliner makeup selfie

Gigi Hadid’s too gorgeous for words, isn’t she? And this selfie of hers proves it. We’re filing this selfie under our favourite winter looks—what with that dark brown lip colour and that winged eyeliner done totally right—this is the look we’ll rely on to give red lips and smokey eyes a much deserved break this festive season!

5. Kendall Jenner’s glitter eye shadow selfie

Kendall Jenner’s glitter eyeshadow makeup selfie

Is it any surprise that 3 out of 5 Kardashians made it to this list? Turns out those girls have their selfie game all figured out! Turns out, if you’re going to be wearing a plain turtleneck this winter season, take cues from Kendall Jenner’s glittery shadow, pop of pink and messy hair look and do justice to it!