6 Beauty Tools That Guarantee No Makeup Mistakes

Written by Dayle PereiraDec 21, 2016
6 beauty tools that guarantee no makeup mistakes
Whether you’re applying your eyeshadow at leisure or pencilling in your brows at break-neck speed, you’d always want it to turn out flawless. A sharp wing, a polished set of nails, a strong contour – that’s the stuff beauty dreams are made of. So wouldn’t it be magical if you could get a little help along the way? Well, the makeup innovations of 2016 will sort that out for you. Get set for the greatest beauty tools of 2016 that will guarantee error-free makeup…

Keep your eye shadow intact

Apply lashes effortlessly

If you shudder to wear gold eye shadow for fear of it falling over your cheeks, this one’s for you. The Shadow Shield is a curved pad that fits just beneath your lashes to protect the rest of your face from accidental spillage and fallout.


Flawlessly finish your foundation

Apply lashes effortlessly

Even though the beauty blender took the makeup world by storm, the biggest grouse we had with it was that it absorbed way too much makeup. That’s where the Silisponge came in. This transparent silicone applicator which resembles a bra insert isn’t porous and hence helps apply foundation without soaking any of it in. Win-win!


Up your brow game

Apply lashes effortlessly

You know how they say brows are meant to be sisters and not twins? Well, a lot of the time (especially in a rush) they don’t even resemble far off cousins because symmetric brows are tough stuff to nail. That’s why brow stencils are what we’re turning to. Just like in art class, these stencils provide an outline to fill in your brows, in the most symmetric, fuss-free manner possible.


Get polished nails

Apply lashes effortlessly

Often in the midst of painting your nails, a crease or a smudge appears just when you reach out for the bottle. Well, someone must have heard our cries for despair because this product is one that every girl would want. The rubberised ring is worn on the finger while the bottle of nail polish sits firmly within it – no mess, no spillage and most importantly, no more smudging!


Wings on point

Apply lashes effortlessly

When it comes to tracing the wings of eyeliner, the struggle is real. Because let’s face it, that precise flick at the end of the eye can be an Everest of a task. So for all the women who feel the same way, the liner designer comes to the rescue. It may seem like an inconspicuous piece of plastic but the liner designer will ensure that you get the crisp winged eyeliner you’ve always wanted.


Apply lashes effortlessly

Apply lashes effortlessly

Falsies are too high a price to pay for fluttery eyelashes, just because they can be so tedious to apply! Well, the lash applicator will make sure that it doesn’t happen again. The intricate tool dispenses individual lashes to which one just has to apply a dot of glue. Once done, the applicator will hold it in place to affix it onto your lash line.

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