We have to admit—bubble nails are way too OTT for us. But if you’re the kind who attempts everything that’s trending, we say give the bubble nails aka hump nails a try. Curious to know more on this? Here’s a low-down.
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A design that makes your nails look dome shaped, bubble nails are essentially a curved nail art design at the centre of your nails. The idea behind bubble nails is to make your nails pop and stand out in such a way that they look bright, bold and fun. However, it’s created quite a stir online, what with many beauty experts calling it way too experimental for their liking.

How it’s done

These nails need sculpting of the acrylic till you get the desired shape. Your nail expert at the salon will decide where exactly the hump needs to be and then move forward to pop them. A ball of acrylic is placed in the middle, which will create a tiny hill-like effect on the nails. Remember that the nails need to be thin at the cuticle and then it gets thicker on the middle. From the middle, it needs to get thinner at the tip. Ensure that the curve is rightly done otherwise there will be no effect whatsoever. Well, like it or hate it—you can’t ignore the trend.