Eyeliner is an essential part of every girl’s makeup routine and everyone wears theirs differently. Some like their eyeliner with a feline flick at the end; others go in with a thick graphic edge. But eyeliner with bubbles? Now that’s a first! A first of many because the bubble eyeliner style is gaining popularity and how!

what is bubble eyeliner style

So what exactly is bubble eyeliner and what do we need to know about it? Unlike most eyeliner styles, this eyeliner includes variation from the start of the lash line itself. Over a straight line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid, you create small semi-circular scallops to replicate bubbles.

bubble eyeliner beauty trend

The craze was started by makeup artist and YouTube star, Jenna Gonzales in a how-to video on her channel. Being a drastically different take on everyone’s favorite eyeliner, the video went viral and clocked over half a million views shortly after. The trend is a far cry from its sister trend bubble nails and is fortunately, much more feminine and lady-like. There’s no doubt in our mind that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the bubble eyeliner trend over social media!

If you’re wondering how to apply this eyeliner, here’s how to go about it.

lakme shine line eyeliners for shimmmery eyes

Start by selecting a fine tipped eyeliner which will help you sketch the scallops to perfection. We’re picking up the Lakmé Absolute Shine Line whose precise tip and metallic shades will make for easy application and also take this trend up a notch. In Sparkling Olive, Shimmer Bronze and Liquid Gold, your peepers are sure to make quite an impact!

Start from your inner corner on your upper eyelid and begin to trace a line until the outer corner, all the while staying as close to the lash line as possible. Once the line is dry, begin from the inner corner and start sketching small semi-circles while keeping the eyeliner as the base. Continue to sketch the semi-circles until you’ve reached the outer corner of your eye.

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