Bb Trend Alert—Ear Makeup

Written by Shreya ContractorAug 04, 2016
BB Trend Alert—Ear Makeup
Each season, with each new ramp walk, emerges a new trend. While some may go unnoticed (like the 3D nail art), the others could become quite the rage (yes, we’re thinking bushy eyebrows too). So it was no wonder when another trend emerged on the runways of Paris (Louis Vuitton in particular) that got us zooming into the pictures to get a clearer view of what seemed like gold dust on the ears. Well, it was ear makeup. But gold dust was close enough.

So what is ear makeup and why are people talking about it?

dusting glitter ear makeup trend

Quite literally, as the name suggests, ear makeup is makeup for the ears. So be it dipping your lobes in glittery liquid or etching a few strokes with your eyeliner in an attempt to show some individuality, the experimental ones amidst us aren’t complaining.

Just like when flash tattoos came in and later there was stencil hair, ear makeup is another temporary fad. So we might we well embrace it while it lasts.

If you are feeling daring enough to try the trend, here are a few pointers…

dusting glitter ear makeup trend

To begin with, a subtle dip of gold is usually the safer way to go.

dusting glitter ear makeup trend

Taking it a little further would be to outline the inner linings of the ear.

dusting glitter ear makeup trend

But if you dare to go all out, it’s as easy as dusting glitter all over.

It’s a good thing that there’s no definite way of going about this which means that there’s no right and wrong, allowing you to experiment with your look as much as you want. And that’s pretty great because what good is a trend unless you can have a personal take on it, right?

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