The advent of summer has brought along with it an avalanche of colour. It’s no secret that rainbow tinted everything is taking over the beauty sphere. And with perfect timing no less! Just as glitter took over the world last season with whimsical beauty trends like glitter roots, this year rainbow hues seem to be filling the spot.

rainbow eyebrows bold eye makeup

We’ve seen vibgyor hues take over the eyelashes and now they are charting their course a little higher i.e. to the brow area. Enter rainbow brows aka rainbrows, a bold eye makeup trend that is slowly yet steadily taking over the internet.

dyed eyebrows latest beauty trend

Coloured brows are hardly a new discovery on the circuit since we’ve seen variations like ombre effects and even dyed brows making their mark. The reason why rainbrows are creating waves is because for the first time ever, it isn’t just one colour or two that are on display, it’s a rainbow worth of them!

rainbow eyebrow latest makeup trend

The best part is, it isn’t just the latest makeup trend on the block. A UK based charitable foundation, the Rainbow Trust are urging folks to flaunt their rainbrows to raise awareness about critically ill children and in turn, raise money for the purpose. Beauty for a good cause? Count us in!

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