As summer sets in motion, we’re pleased to announce the onslaught of new summer trends. They are bright, colourful and full of life! So you can imagine how excited we were when the latest beauty trend appeared all over the internet. We’re talking about rainbow eyelashes, a sensation which is making waves all over social media.

rainbow eyelashes beauty trend for summer

We first saw signs of vibrant lashes at Manish Arora’s show at Paris Fashion Week, something that caught the eye of onlookers everywhere. However, the rainbow theme was resuscitated only recently with freckles joining the colourful bandwagon and lashes following suit just in time for summer.

fancy rainbow eyelash eye makeup tips

After being spotted in a magazine editorial, rainbow lashes caught the fancy of beauty fanatics across the globe. Soon enough, a psychedelic slew of eyelashes took over Instagram with a dedicated hashtag, making it a breeze for beauty fanatics scouting for inspiration on social media.

rainbow eyelash latest eye makeup trend

Summer is the right time to go vivid with your eye makeup. That’s why the rainbow eyelash trend fits the bill perfectly! Not only is it colourful enough for the season, it is also refreshing to sport with a muted outfit. To try your hand at the rainbow eyelash trend yourself, you can use either mascara in various hues or individual false eyelashes in different colours. If you are using mascara, work your way from the inner lashes and start by coating two or three single lashes in one colour moving outwards from light to dark shades. To steal the style using falsies, apply individual false lashes with eyelash glue in light to dark colours. Move from the inner to the outer lash line, creating a rainbow-like work of art on your eyes!

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