It’s a given that with Indian weather, whether we’re talking heat or humidity, we’d prefer to minimise the number of products we want to use on our face. Why is why the time is perfect for Lakmé to have launched its fab new 9to5 Insta Light Crème—the right kind of pick-me-up that your skin needs. Read on to know why we’re adding it to our beauty arsenal, stat!
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What is it?
The Lakmé 9to5 Insta Light Crème is a new fragrant crème which lends an instant glow to your skin.

Why we love it… 

Matte magic
It’s only obvious that with the heat and humidity, our oil glands are in hyperactive mode; this means a perpetually shiny T-zone and a few too many creams that make us cringe at the thought of applying them. Thankfully, the Lakmé 9to5 Insta Light Crème has taken it upon itself to beat this perennial challenge and blend into the skin just as a crème would. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and, in fact, sets just like a powder lending your skin a much-needed matte look. What a relief!

Instant pick-me-up
One of the many challenges we face on a daily basis is acing our moisturiser, sunscreen, foundation (and sometimes concealer) game—all of which ensure that our skin looks naturally healthy and luminescent at all times. But if we’d get a single product that’d do the brightening job for us, would we ever say no? That’s why we’re siding with the Lakmé 9to5 Insta Light Crème that uses mineralised powder and luminising pearls to instantly light up the face. Don’t believe us? Ask our girl Shraddha Kapoor!

Small crème, big payoff
As our expert Daniel Bauer says, “Unlike other fairness products that take days or weeks for the effects to show, Lakmé Insta Light allows women to have brighter looking skin instantly!” And we couldn’t agree more. With light and reflection particles that work their magic on your skin and light it up within a short span of time, we’re making this our go-to for days when our face (not to mention mood) needs something uplifting.

How’s it priced?
The 20 gm tube of Lakmé Insta Light Crème is priced at ₹79 while the 40 gm tube is priced at ₹149.