Think you’ve done it all to achieve that perfect winged eye or the simple sturdy liner? Say hello to the LakméAbsolute Precision Liquid Liner and get your eye makeup bang on!
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The Lakmé Absolute’s Precision Liquid Liner

Why we love it

You know how they say never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she was late to the party? Bid adieu to all your fears of messy eye makeup with the Lakmé AbsolutePrecision Liquid Liner. Wondering what’s so special about it? Well, it comes in a pen format, which makes it easy to apply, especially if you don’t have a sturdy hand.

Although we might not admit it, we almost always rely on the Eyeconic Black or another eye pencil to double up as a liner for us. Not that it gets messed up, but could it be a little less thick? Oh yes! Thanks to the pen-tip nib of the Lakmé AbsolutePrecision Liquid Liner, we can now play it super thin (barely visible liner) or uberthick or even do the cat eye.

The other reason why we always rely on pencil liners is because they take no drying time unlike liquid liners which, since we have no patience for, invariably end up under our brow bone! Obviously, this Precision liner is good news – it dries up within 30 seconds, which makes it perfect for every time we’re running late (read: always!)

How much does it cost?

Lakmé Absolute’s Precision Liquid Liner is priced at 425.