If there’s one makeup product that we can never part with, it has undoubtedly got to be the eyeliner. After all, nothing can dramatise our look better. We flaunt it to work by lining it thin, we wear it to a party by doing our favourite winged liner and at other times we rely on the regular thick liner. Now that we’ve established the fact that a liner is every girl’s go-to product, here’s good news—Lakmé just launched the epic new Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist, a liner that’s smooth, glossy and long-lasting! Read on to find out why we’re drooling over this new makeup tool…
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What is it?
The Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist, which lends your eyes the darkest black stroke with a glossy finish.

Why we love it…

The deepest black
Think your regular black liner isn’t as deep, dark and effective as you’d want it to be? Well, if you’re looking for liner that stays put round the clock, the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist is your best bet! You don’t have to keep applying two or three strokes to get that jet black colour on your eyes ‘coz ladies, this one will do that for you with a single application!

High definition shine
Think your matte liners are getting a tad too boring? Give your eyes a twist and go for the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist right away. With its magical stroke, it gives you a vinyl-like shine on the eyes. Its high definition glossy finish is super glam and can instantly elevate your look. Moreover, this one is also smudge proof and promises to stay on throughout the day! Are we ready to kiss our old liner goodbye, ladies?

Easy application
You know what else we’re so excited about? The Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist has a felt- tip. Now that’s a blessing for us girls who shudder at the thought of smudging it up during application or having to reapply because we didn’t get the stroke right. The product’s felt-tip will help you get that perfect stroke in one go, without having to worry about unsteady hands. Cat eye makeup or super thin strokes—we’ve got this, thanks to this incredible new liner that makes us feel like a makeup pro at work!

How’s it priced?
The Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist is priced at ₹600.