After being sufficiently obsessed with their gowns and shoes and whether their embellishments were in pearls or sequins or why John Travolta planted that awkward kiss on Scarlett Johansson, we took a magnifying glass to the hair and makeup from the red carpet. After some hours of careful analysis, we’re pleased to announce that, just like last time, we’re definitely going to be replicating some of these fab looks but until then, here’s the roundup of our favourites…

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Sneaky Undercuts
We can’t put our finger on it but you’ve got to admit there’s something really sexy about an undercut – especially one that sneakily peeks from under your main hairdo – whether it’s a bob you just got or one you’re growing out. Yeah, we’re talking to you Rosamund Pike and Scarlett Johansson – could you ladies need any more moves to trump everyone else?!

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Unapologetic lips
Just when we thought the corals were becoming a favourite, the Academy Awards proved that the bold lip is going nowhere. Naomi Watts and Chrissy Teigen chose darker shades of maroon and wine while daring Margot Robbie and Lady Gaga chose vibrant, bold red lips with their blonde hair. Keeping it loud and yet very classy? Now that’s a trick we could all learn.

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A palette of shadows
Jennifer Aniston pulled contrasting (and reliable) smoky eye, Jennifer Hudson went for gold lids to complement her yellow gown, and Sienna Miller wore eyes as dramatic as her black and navy dress. Safe to say – if you took a swab of colour from all the actresses on the red carpet yesterday, you could easily put an entire eye shadow palette in place.

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Still popular pixies
Faith Hill, Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson proved once again that no matter how much competition it gets from the bob, lob or the wob (a wavy bob, FYI,) the pixie still reigns supreme even on the red carpet!

oscars bold and beautiful hair makeup trends soft waves 600x400

Retro soft waves
Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and Keira Knightley's soft, retro waves brought back the old Hollywood charm at the 87th Academy Awards. These ladies proved that no matter what your hair length and texture (all 3 have different types of hair,) classic hairdos were made for the red carpet.

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