When the holidays approach, no one needs an excuse to amp up the sparkle because well, that just becomes a way of life. Enter—sequin dresses, glossy lip colours and shiny shadows. So, why leave your cheekbones out of the picture? Now, the hottest new makeup trend on the block i.e. glitter strobing will make sure your high points get in on the shimmery action too.

highlighter makeup trend

Beauty addicts in the audience, you’re aware of how big a splash the highlighter makeup trend made. All every beauty guru spoke about was how to bring out those cheekbones with just a touch of illuminator. So when the most wonderful time of the year comes around, one of 2016’s favourite trends definitely deserved an upgrade, which it got.

glitter strobing makeup trend

Glitter strobing is here, my friends and how! It has caught the fancy of celebrity makeup artists and beauty Instagrammers who are filling their feeds with a whole lot of sparkle. The festive trend is a take on the pre-existing strobing trend and this time it includes large glitter rather than a finely milled shimmer.

glitter strobing makeup

To try glitter strobing for yourself, start by locating the c-shaped curve on your face which sits where the eye and cheek area meet. Once you’ve defined it, apply Petroleum Jelly over the area which is meant to act as an adhesive to hold the glitter in place while being gentle on the skin. Then dip an applicator brush in a large sized glitter and dab it over the portion. Now you’re ready to sparkle on with your shimmering cheekbones. Party season, we’re ready to take you on!

Image Credits: Popsugar, Real Style Network, Instagram