Ask a woman what her go-to eye makeup look is and the cat eye makeup will surely feature in top 5. We're not surprised because the cat eye is classic in every sense of the word. From day to night, meetings to parties; it's a look that transcends it all. So brace yourself for the new eye makeup trend in town, a spin on the cat eye if you will.

eye makeup trend

It's being known by a variety of names—ribbon, helix, corkscrew and twisted but regardless of the name, its design stays intricate at its core. What has made this eye makeup trend so popular is its characteristic circular pattern overlapping the flick of the eyeliner wing. It's come into such popularity that many colourful and glitter variations of it are also popping up. And of course they will, being wacky and wild, it's being dubbed as the perfect solution to take the cat eye up a notch.

ribbon liner makeup

Like most makeup trends, the ribbon liner found popularity on Instagram with popular beauty addicts and makeup artists quickly following suit. Many makeup lovers are experimenting with creating the helix pattern in vibrant shades and even gradated tones, serving as the perfect punch of colour to the trusted cat eye. Whether it is a music festival you are heading off to or even just a cocktail party, this is all you need to have all eyes on you.

eye makeup tutorial

If you are keen on trying the trend yourself but find yourself with a case of the shakes, you might want to steady your hands a bit because this look is one that takes precision. Follow the steps of this eye makeup tutorial to make the ribbon eyeliner look your own.

Start by using the Lakmé Insta Eye Liner to line the upper lash line of your eyes from the inner corner till the outer end. Extend this line outwards to create a winged liner.

Next, apply the Lakmé Absolute Gel Addict Eye Liner in Tempting Teal at the outer corner of your eye and create a curved circular pattern around the black eyeliner wing.

Make sure to keep the coloured ribbon pattern precise and intertwined around the black flick. And you’re ready to go – the brand new ribbon eye makeup will make sure that all eyes are on you.

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Fashionzsas, Dainik Bhaskar, Femina, Arianna Chatz