Want to see makeup and beauty translate into gorgeous drawings? We give you some of the best beauty illustrators to follow on Instagram.

beauty illustrators instagram account to follow reginyazdi 600x400


A Los Angeles based illustrator who grew up loving art and beauty, Regina Yazdi is one bundle of talent. A self-confessed makeup hoarder, the girl loves drawing all things beauty. From depicting her love for red lips to cat eye liners, Regina has done it all through her Instagram account. If you follow her, you’ll even get to see her illustration around model Cara Delevingne’s bold brows as well as the iconic Sophia Loren who was known for her stunning looks.

beauty illustrators instagram account to follow unskilledworker 430x516


One to specialise in portraits, unskilledworker is a London-based illustrator although his/her identity is a top secret. With 179k followers on Instagram, unskilledworker has become quite the sensation today. Through the drawings, he/she aims to capture emotion and expressions. One of the most noteworthy illustrations of unskilledworker is the one where he/she has painted a portrait with freckles to explain the fact that freckles, often considered a matter of shame, should in fact be celebrated as a mark of uniqueness.

beauty illustrators instagram account to follow paperfashion 600x400


Katie Rogers aka ‘paperfashion’ is an artist based in New York City and has recently become a huge star on Instagram. Her drawings though slightly abstract have become a major talking point amongst beauty and fashion experts. From using hair pins to makeup brushes as well as sequins to draw lipsticks, paperfashion has done the unthinkable in her illustrations. No wonder then that the girl has as many as 527k followers and two mentions on our site already!

beauty illustrators instagram account to follow blairz 600x400


Fashion-cum-beauty illustrator, Blair Breitenstein’s bio says ‘Big lips, big hair, big lashes’ and that’s when you know her illustrations are going to be a delightful sight. Her illustration where she’s painted everything a girl likes—from a chiseled face, hot pink lips and dreamy eyelashes completely bowled us over. Other than that, you can visit her Instagram page to see some gorgeous images of artwork with lipsticks and paintings with watercolours.

beauty illustrators instagram account to follow miyukiohashi 600x400


Japanese artist Miyuki Ohashi has a huge fan following on Instagram with as many as 23.4k followers who absolutely adore her illustrations. She drew supermodel Ondria Hardin at the Atelier Versace Fall 2015 Couture show. One of the highlights of her appearance being the beauty look, which had her wearing a lavender wreath on her golden locks. And boy, did Miyuki nail the look in her illustration or what! Follow her if you wish to drool over other such illustrations on beauty, makeup and fashion.