Suckers for makeup that we are, we read everything and anything that deals with the beauty world. While magazine covers have always had us excited, there have been some that have truly made all the difference and been a game changer of sorts in the beauty world. Want to which ones wowed us? Take a look.

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Caitlyn Jenner for Vanity Fair

What a surprise it was to see Bruce Jenner reveal her new identity as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair some time ago! For most of us, this cover will be one that broke so many rules, changed perspectives and brought about a revolution of sorts for the transgender community. The picture had her wearing an ivory-hued corset flaunting her body replete with perfect hair and makeup, while the headline of the magazine said, ‘Call me Caitlyn’. It is very rare when you find a magazine cover saying so much with one single issue. Not to mention, her interview, where she spoke about her transition and the struggles that plagued her, was just as interesting. If that’s not a powerful cover, then what is?

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Rachel McAdams for Allure

In a world that judges you for every extra inch and for every freckle you have, going makeup free without any inhibitions can take immense courage. And when it’s a celebrity, who’s always used to the flashlights, adorns the cover of a magazine sans her biggest armour like makeup, it deserves an applause. It was Rachel McAdams who had the gumption to actually appear on the cover of Allure without any makeup whatsoever, the only accessory she had was that radiant smile that brightened up the cover. What a way to break rules, what a way to embrace freedom!

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Carmen Dell'Orefice for New You

We’ve always been told that a model’s shelf life is short. But here was Carmen Dell’Orefice, world’s oldest supermodel at 86, proving us wrong when she graced the cover of New You in all her glory, wearing a black ensemble, subtle makeup, big grey hair, pearls around her neck and loads of confidence. She gives so many women hope— ones who fear age, ones who lose confidence as they have the first sighting of wrinkles and ones who refuse to age gracefully. Take a bow, Carmen!