Let’s Look Back At The Top Beauty Trends Of The Decade

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Let’s look back at the top beauty trends of the decade

The year is about to end in two weeks. No, let me rephrase that. Another decade is about to end in two weeks. Some of us were teenagers when we started off the decade and probably couldn’t even get our eyeliner right and look at us now; we are beauty ninjas *proud crying* (although it is still tough sometimes to get that eyeliner right, damn). Um, anyway!

Since everyone is posting their ‘start-of-the-decade to end-of-the-decade’ pictures, we decided to do a roundup of the best beauty trends of the decade. In the age of Instagram and YouTube, which are basically a sanctuary for beauty buffs, this decade has been no less than a roller coaster of beauty trends.

While we saw some really gorgeous trends, we also saw some whacky ones (cue glitter freckles and braided brows) but let’s not talk about them today (maybe tomorrow). Here are all the best and biggest beauty trends of the decade that we loved.  


2010: Cat-eye liner

2019: Gloss everything

In case you were wondering when this winged eyeliner trend started, let us tell you that first it was in the 1960s (think Sharmila Tagore’s iconic look) and then it popped up again in the 2010s (think Deepika in Cocktail). We are sure you rocked this look (or at least saw every other girl) in your college days as well.


2011: Beach waves

2019: Gloss everything

The super-sexy beach waves and bouncy blow-outs are still huge but they only got popular about eight years ago. It is the most effortlessly glamorous hairstyle we’ve seen and we are glad it made to the end of the decade as well.


2012: Black smokey eye

2019: Gloss everything

Yes, black smokey eye makeup is timeless but it became all the rage in 2012. If there was one thing common in all the rom-com from this year, it was the main lead sporting this makeup trend with her LBD and looking smokin’ hot.


2013: Nail art

2019: Gloss everything

Beauty buffs decided that glossy, solid coloured nails are no more a masterpiece and thus formed the nail art trend. We witnessed an outpour of fancy nail art with artistic designs, nail colour textures and nail accents that we had never seen before.


2014: Contouring

2019: Gloss everything

It was 2014 when Kim-K’s contouring technique really picked up and everyone was obsessed with a bronzer. It gave your face a chiselled look with defined cheekbones and a sharp jawline and made us wonder why we didn’t try this before.


2015: Matte nude lipsticks

2019: Gloss everything

A beauty trend born on Instagram, ultra-matte lip colours in nude pink and brown shades took over the beauty world. Suddenly, everyone was seen sporting this gorgeous colour which surprisingly seemed to go perfectly with every darn look.


2016: Pastels in makeup

2019: Gloss everything

Do you remember the unicorn trend? Of course, you do. Pastel shades like mint green, baby blue, powder pink and lilac were not only used in fashion but in beauty too. We saw some really stunning pastel makeup looks that year.


2017: Sheet masks

2019: Gloss everything

Skincare became the real shiz as K-beauty skincare skyrocketed in 2017 and reached every nook and corner of the beauty space. Sheet masks, especially, became a part of everyone’s skincare ritual, and thank god it stayed.


2018: Brows evolution

2019: Gloss everything

We don’t know who made this a trend, but everyone really owes them for swapping super skinny ugly brows with defined, dark and fuller eyebrows. A brow gel and spoolie brush became the must-have beauty products and the new evolved (read: thicker and gorgeous) brows was the only way to go.


2019: Gloss everything

2019: Gloss everything

It was all about glossy makeup this year. From glossy lids to lustrous lips and even glass-like glossy skin, we couldn’t get enough of the sheen. Dewy skin low-key became THE makeup look (yes, nothing but glossy skin) and highlighter became a beauty priority.

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