Try Out Bella Hadid's Viral Jaw Highlighting Hack

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
Try out Bella Hadid's viral jaw highlighting hack

TikTok is pulsating with a trend called 'jaw-lighting', and we have supermodel Bella Hadid to thank for the glowy hack. The 25-year-old birthed the face-sculpting technique with a photo of her debuting a slicked-back hairdo and a shiny, lit-up jaw on Instagram. We're not sure if the model is wearing highlighter. Or if it's just the flash of a camera lending a goddess-like radiance to her razor-sharp jawline. But everyone's raving on about the photo, and we know just how to replicate the jaw-lighting look with a few products.


What does jaw-lighting even mean?

What does jaw-lighting even mean?

Instead of using highlighter just on the high-points, you sweep a little across your jawline to lend some structure and dimension to your face.

A few weeks after Hadid shared the picture with her followers, TikTok user @rachelocoolmua attempted to recreate the luminescent look with a few products at her disposal. She placed a little liquid highlighter in the shape of a sideways 'L' above her jawline, and blended it in with her fingers. “Look at her jaw,” she says in a video. “The way her jaw is highlighted here, it just makes me think, can we recreate this with makeup?”
She attempted the look a second time by applying some contour under her jaw to create a contrast, and blending it down to her neck. This time, she uses a little less (powdered) highlighter, and dabs it right onto her jawbone before blending it out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

This led multiple other TikTokers to experiment with the look by enlisting different products and techniques.

One dotted her jawline with liquid highlighter, and layered it with some pearlescent powder to dial up the glow; while others combined powder with cheek highlighter to spotlight their jawline.

Okay, coming to the only question that matters...which highlighter must you use to perfect this hack? We know! The Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter - Ivory is perfect to execute this look. It lends a radiant, dewy glow to your face, and blends into your skin seamlessly for a lightweight finish. Make sure you're using an eyeshadow or blush brush for all the blending you're going to be doing. Now that you have everything you need, go try out this hack ASAP.

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