Bold Is The New Black – Why The Bold Beauty Trend Is Here To Stay

Written by Team BBSep 08, 2016
Being beauty addicts, we’re always glad to see the evolution of makeup and hair. As much as we think subtle is sexy, we’re crushing on the bold and dramatic looks that are doing the rounds on the beauty scene right now. So say goodbye to the simple looks and embrace the bold trends that are enjoying the spotlight right now. Here’s listing some of them for you.

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Full Brows

The international modelling scene gave us supermodel Cara Delevingne – someone known for her thick brows. And ever since she arrived, we’ve not only accepted full brows but have also been loving them. So girls, if you have thick, bushy eyebrows, the spotlight is on you now. But if you don’t, go ahead and throw away the tweezers and embrace this trend right away!

bold beauty trends to try silver hair 430x550

Egyptian eyes

Bored of the regular eye makeup? Play up your eyes in the Egyptian way now. Inspired by Cleopatra’s makeup, this trend is all the rage. But you’re not princess, so perhaps you could try an easier version of it, all you have to do is extend the cat-eye makeup and make it look a little more dramatic than the usual winged liner. Also remember that it has to be much bolder and thicker compared to the usual cat eyes. So the next time you have a night out, try this out to be the cynosure of all eyes at a party.

bold beauty trends to try silver hair 430x550

Marsala lips

Ever since Marsala was announced the colour of the season, we’re guilty of looking for everything Marsala. But most of all, we’re loving this colour on our lips. Bold and dramatic, this lip colour is here to stay. Agreed that red lipstick will always be our first love but Marsala lips can surely take the party look to a whole new level. We’ve already bought our lippy in this shade, so hurry up and buy yourself one too ‘coz you don’t want to feel left out, girls!

bold beauty trends to try silver hair 430x550

Sleek hair

There’s nothing sexier than sleek hair. While many types of sleek hair are doing the rounds right now –the middle parted loose hair and the sleek bun have been seen on international runway many a times. But our personal favourite is the sleek ponytail. Chic and uber stylish, this hairdo is worth a try, ladies!

bold beauty trends to try silver hair 430x550

Silver hair

Now if you’re the kind who likes to experiment with hair, this hair colour is right up your alley. From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, several celebs have taken to this trend. If you want it slightly subtle, opt for silver streaks but if you’re bold enough, go the whole hog and colour your hair completely silver! Be ready for some shocking reactions but hey, what’s life without taking chances, right?

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