Celebrities And The Beauty Statements They Are Known For

Written by Dayle PereiraNov 16, 2016
Celebrities and the beauty statements they are known for
Each celebrity is popular across the globe for a variety of reasons. Some of them are celebrated for setting the latest fashion trends. Others are heralded for their brilliant acting abilities. Still more of them are known for their celebrity makeup prowess. Today, we’re talking about these popular faces whose beauty, makeup and hair looks are a statement in itself and one that they’ve come to be known for.

Taylor Swift’s cat eye

Shay Mitchell’s skin

Besides being a worldwide pop sensation and loving mother to two cats, Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson; Tay Tay is also known for her classic beauty look. The cat lover has a soft spot for the feline flicked eye liner, which is the star of her sophisticated makeup look. The classic cat eye liner is a staple in Taylor’s lookbook whether she is on tour or kicking back with her kitties.

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Zendaya Coleman’s nails

Shay Mitchell’s skin

While Zendaya has grown up under the harsh glare of the Hollywood spotlight, she makes it a point to look pristine at every appearance. Part of that appearance is her on-fleek nails. She’s always on par with the latest coffin or stiletto shaped nail which is manicured to perfection—what a wonderful way to uplift a look!

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Kylie Jenner’s lips

Shay Mitchell’s skin

Kylie Jenner’s lips aren’t just an ordinary pair of kissers, they are the lips that have spawned a lip suction trend, millions of memes and even a makeup line. Being the centre of her social media presence, Kylie doesn’t shy away from flaunting her pronounced lips. Her Kylie Jenner lip cosmetics drew on the popularity of her pout and were sold out in 10 minutes!

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Ariana Grande’s high ponytail

Shay Mitchell’s skin

Back when she was a Disney icon, Ariana Grande was the fresh faced star with a mop of curly hair. However, once her pop career launched, she revamped her image and with it, her hair! Gone were the curls which were replaced with a sleek high ponytail. Now every appearance made by Ariana includes a sky high ponytail that oozes sexiness.

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Lily Collins’ brows

Shay Mitchell’s skin

While the ever elegant Lily Collins is known for her sophisticated demeanour and acting skills, it was her brows that thrust her under the beauty spotlight. After Cara’s bushy brows brought focus to fuller shapes a few years ago, Lily and her accompanying thick eyebrows topped every lady’s lust list and made a beauty statement like none other.

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Shay Mitchell’s skin

Shay Mitchell’s skin

It is a known fact that Kim Kardashian popularized the contouring technique but if there’s one person who perfected it, it has got to be Shay Mitchell. Whether she’s starring in Pretty Little Liars or on an exotic trip, we’re always glad to see Shay with her trademark bronzed cheeks and glowing skin, possibly the best accessory that she flaunts!

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