It’s no secret that the internet has a massive hold on what makes it to your cupboards! I mean, the chunky white kicks, mini bags, dainty gold hoops and colourful nails are all a product of the e-world and its divas! However, while the clothes and accessories worn by influencers have charmed us all, it goes without saying — so have cosmetics! If you’re beginning to run your brain cells, think about the matte lipstick wave (thank you Kylie) or the colourful eyeliner phase! And while, we can name all the innumerable makeup eras that have infiltrated the ‘gram, to make it easier for you we’ve selected your #faves! Yes, we’re not talking about a curation of stunning makeup looks that have pleased the internet BUT in fact, about a roundup of all the hottest Instagram trends that have adorned the beauty babes from the past to the present. So, keep your makeup brush handy as we take you through this #allthingsbeauty journey

Glossy Glamour  

makeup trends indian woman

While dewy skin has been made a smashing entry into the beauty realm, so has the world of shiny lips. Rocked by the popular youth icons on several stages, this smooth lip look adds that extra oomph to any fit and face. You can either replicate it by using a heavily pigmented gloss for that compliment-worthy pout or adorn or loving coat of matte lipstick with few strokes of shine. Get your hands on the best in the glossy business, Lakmé’s Absolute Plump & Shine Lip Gloss - made for that heavenly lustre.  

Top this juicy look off with a top knot or braid — so that your lips get all the attention and also to keep those pesky hair strands away from their tempting stickiness!  

You glow girl 

makeup trends indian woman

While the layers of foundation have been done and dusted in the world of looking good - the online peeps are now more inclined towards makeup that looks natural! And on those lines, you must’ve heard about the famous no-makeup-makeup look; minimal glam. However, to amp the toned down drama, the glowing garnish is integral. And for that you don’t need to rely on glitter or a whole new supplement to your diet or wait for golden hour — instead you just need to get your hands on Lakmè’s Absolute Liquid Highlighter. Giving you an instantaneous subtle shine, this makes your skin look naturally illuminated! So, catch the 2022 IG vibe and this quick way to show off your inner shine.  

Let the graphic eyes do the talking  

makeup trends bold pink blue

The new-age is all about unleashing your true aesthetics, irrespective of what the world has to say and stemming from the perspective is that graphic eyeliner IG trend - that we LOVE. Giving things a twist (and at times, a turn) this funky look allows one to get creativity with their oh-so classic eyeliner. We’re not only talking different hues but also different shapes. So much so, people have also embraced the introduction of new patterns. Such as, a purple butterfly on your lids or  an extended black swirl or mini pink hearts. Allowing you to showcase your unapologetic  artsy self, this trend lets your expression pop as it makes its way right in the middle of your face. To make your way towards this vivacious trend,  fill your cart and heart with Lakme’s Absolute Eye Pencil. Not devoid of any colours, its exuberance sprinkles a bit of magic on every look!  

Monochrome makeup  

makeup trends woman makeup brush

A little thought goes a long way! So the next time when you’re planning a makeup look, complement your lipstick with your eyes and your eyes with your cheeks. Stirring major convo on the ‘gram, this trend proves uniformity is everything. After all, picking the same undertones can never go wrong; nothing extra and nothing too little. To give you a glimpse — we’re talking, nude lips, a light orange blush and beige eyeshadow. Hailing from the same hue family, these shades stick together to create the flawless full face! Elevate it’s gorgeousness with a monotone outfit too — so when you’re arrived, you really have arrived.  

Ocean eyes 

makeup trends blue eye shadow

When Billie E sang ocean eyes she most definitely was referring to the colour of mesmerising eyes. However, if you don’t have those dreamy blue peepers, let makeup take the wheel. Create that tantalising eye statement with a bit of blue! Close to the unfailing back number, this colour is at the confluence of playing it too safe and being risky. So when it doubt, just blue it out. You can go for a blue kohl pencil, a shimmery blue eye (hello, mermaid vibes) or an eclectic blue mascara. Igniting those electric sparks, this IG trend and the blue makeup trousseau must-haves aren’t to be missed. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and ‘blue’ them all away.  

Colour kingdom  

makeup trends woman brush

Yes, the basics are too boring which is why the upbeat hues have kicked in. Welcoming the neons and pastels, Instagram has accepted every colour on the planet — from dull green to hot pink, there’s not a single stroke that hasn’t seen the face of our beloved IG! Making their way to the lips (after all, a good kiss should come with some colour), the blushes, the mascara and eyeliners — you can now rock the streets with all the jazz you like!  

Style tip: Team up an eye-catching makeup look with an all white ensemble for maximum effect.  

Bronzed beauty  

makeup trends woman brown hair

With the intention to give your features the centre stage, a bronzing stick does its impressive best! Defining your cheekbones, jawline, nose structure and forehead shape, a bronzer truly does a golden job! It also gives one that heaty, warm and tanned look that definitely adds a bit of #desispice to any makeup job. Add to this look with curled lashes and minimal lip so your sharp features get all the limelight and make that cut, quite literally!