How To Ace The Floating Lash Trend

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
How to ace the floating lash trend

Mascaras remain unrivalled in their ability to add a dash of drama to your look without overshadowing the rest of your makeup. It's no surprise that we're swapping our falsies for a few strokes of mascara on the lashes. Minimalism is in. Less is more. Yup. That's the vibe we're going for in 2022. We've chosen a fresh-faced, subtle aesthetic over a dramatic one, and we're loving the new trends emerging out of it—satin skin being one of the latest.

We noticed another trend taking over the internet, and we knew we had to tell you all about it. Because it concerns our favourite makeup product. You guessed it! Mascara!


Heard of floating lashes? Nope? Here's what you need to know

Paris Hilton pink

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Sounds bizarre, doesn't it? This look is pretty minimalistic. Soft. Fluffy. Lifted. Everything that falsies aren't. And, honestly, you don't have to do much to recreate it at home. All you need is mascara. And an unhealthy obsession with the product.

Okay, well, you've got to find the right formula to get this right. A buildable mascara that delivers an instant curling effect to your lashes. And we have just the one for you. How do you curl your lashes without an eyelash curler? The Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara is your very own liquid-based curler. And more. Equipped with a smart curl brush for smooth strokes, the mascara delivers on its promise: intensely-curled lifted lashes that play up your eyes instantly.

Now that we have the formula, let's go over the fundamentals of nailing this trend. There's only one fundamental—this trend thrives on subtleness. Ensure you're only coating your eyes with a few layers of mascara. Going overboard—which happens because of how much we love the makeup staple—can result in lumpy, heavy lashes, and that's just not what you want to do.

If you are looking for a little drama, play around with your liner. Pair the trend with a dramatic double-wing or reverse cat-eye. Try out a graphic eyeliner look. Swap your black liner with a coloured one. Get all creative. Here are three looks we're loving at the moment.

Eyeliner looks you need to try


An intense cat-eye

Paris Hilton pink

We're loving this one because of how detailed it is. Paired with fluffy lashes, this cat-eye borders around the inner corners of the eye, and thrives on tiny freckle-like spots bedecking the under-eye area.


A Euphoria-inspired look

Paris Hilton pink

This one's straight out of Maddie's look-book. We're loving the play of colours in this one—a double-wing drenched in black, and off-setted by a white line bordering the upper wing. Pretty nuanced, no?


Paris Hilton pink

Paris Hilton pink

Image Courtesy:  @dodgygrl

Instead of playing up your eyeliner, you can add some vibrance to your look by sweeping a bright pink on the lids. And tie it all together with a standard cat-eye.

Image Courtesy: @aliaabhatt

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