Lakmé recently launched its Pro Stylist Studio—the ultimate stop to buying makeup, grooming yourself and getting an understanding of beauty on the whole. At the launch of this unique store-cum-salon, we caught up with Lakmé’s Innovation Head, Purnima Lamba, to tell us everything about this new venture. Read on to know all about it…
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BB: What is the one big reason why people should visit Lakmé’s Pro Stylist Studio?
Purnima: I think the idea behind the Pro Stylist Studio is the coming together of salon, skincare and makeup. It’s the first flagship that Lakmé has put together where you can come in and get a service, indulge in nail art or even an express facial. This is the only beauty brand that offers you everything—from grooming, salon care and makeup.

BB: What is your personal favourite service at the Studio?
Purnima: I’ve really enjoyed the nail art. But our skin facialist is absolutely superb. So you just have to lie back there, let her work her magic on your skin and you will know that she does some beautiful massages.

BB: Is this the place to be at if you want instant makeovers?
Purnima: Absolutely, it is very much that! We currently have several experts here who are extremely fluent with their brushes. We’ve had some very happy people walking out with complete makeovers and that is exactly what this space is about. The lights, the mirrors… the place is designed not just to give you a makeover but to educate you on how you can give yourself the same makeover back home. What you take away from here is not just your made-up face but real knowledge about your skin and face. The best part is that the Pro Stylist Studio will show you how you get a makeover because we’re all in a hurry and no one really has time today.

BB: Lakmé recently launched the Sculpt range, which centres around high-definition makeup. How has the response been so far?
Purnima: A lot of people are coming in asking for high-definition lipsticks. So Sculpt is really our biggest-selling range right now. But apart from that, people are just discussing the parts of the Lakmé portfolio that they didn’t quite interact with before. So they’re really enjoying this space, where they’re getting to see so many of our products in one place.

BB: What are the initial reactions of your consumers on their visits to the store?
Purnima: The biggest joy for me is to see people discover our entire range of products. When people walk by, they actually see things they’ve never seen before. I love their expression when they see a product and say, “Oh my God! I didn’t know Lakmé did that!”

BB: Buying makeup often depends on the assistance one gets during the process of purchasing, as most buyers are not fully equipped with beauty knowledge. How ready are your experts at the studio for this challenge?
Purnima: Just take one look at our makeup experts and you can tell how skilled they are. Our experts will also give you these little tutorials where you can learn ten ways to do eye makeup, among other things. This is a service here, which we can give because of the professionals we have on board.

BB: Finally, what is the biggest target of this Studio?
Purnima: The idea is to experience what Lakmé really stands for. We are the backstage stylists at Lakmé Fashion Week and all our consumers have not been able to be a part of that journey. So this is a place where a lot more people can experience what backstage styling feels like, what trends there are in beauty and so much more.