Want Lips Like Kylie Jenner? Get Them Using Makeup

Written by Nikita MehraOct 17, 2018
Want Lips like Kylie Jenner? Get them using makeup

Everything about Kylie Jenner is goals but if there is one thing we had to choose it would be her lips!

Kylie Jenner’s lips became the talk of the town after she got her fillers and the reality star decided to cash in on them last year.

If you want to get fuller lips like Kylie sans the fillers, then here are a few makeup tips for getting the perfect pout step by step.

How to get Kylie Jenner like lips using makeup…


Step1: DIY homemade scrub to get fuller lips

Step 7: Always opt for a liquid lipstick

The first step to getting Kylie Jenner lips is to clean and scrub your lips before applying makeup. A homemade scrub consisting of cinnamon, honey and brown sugar works great for prepping your lips because it makes them plump and also removes any flaky / dead skin that you may have.

Use a good moisturiser post scrubbing!

Step 2: Apply foundation on your lips

The first lip makeup hack to fuller lips is applying foundation not only on your face and neck but also your lips.

Foundation on your lips acts as a good primer and also adds dimension, thus creating the illusion of plump lips like Kylie.

Step3: Use a concealer to hide your natural lip outline

Once you are done with foundation, the next step is to use a concealer to cover your original lip outline. For this, dot your concealer on your lower / upper lip line depending on which one you want to enhance and dab it with a blender. Go over it with a little foundation to make the skin even-toned.


Step 4: Use a lip liner to over line your lips

Step 7: Always opt for a liquid lipstick

The rule that Kylie Jenner swears by is over lining her lips!

After covering your original lip line using a concealer, create an artificial one by over lining your bottom and/or upper lip again depending on which one you want to enhance.

Step 5: Contour the lower lip

Creating a shadow right under the middle of your lower lip line, also called the teardrop area, creates an illusion of volume.

Step 6: Highlight the Cupid’s bow

This step is not only going to give your lips a fuller look, but also bring your whole makeup together!

Highlighting your Cupid’s Bow focuses attention on the elevated part of your lips making them look really plump. A highlighter also really compliments your lip liner and makes your pout pop.


Step 7: Always opt for a liquid lipstick

Step 7: Always opt for a liquid lipstick

Liquid lipsticks have the texture to make your lips appear fuller. That’s why the final step to getting Kylie Jenner like lips is locking your makeup with a liquid lipstick.

This stepwise guide on how to get the perfect pout like Kylie Jenner is sure to work!

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